Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF will reverse dubious electoral victories

Senior reporter

ZANU PF will take disciplinary action against members who committed acts of indiscipline in the provincial elections last week and overturn victories achieved through deception and irregularities.

National Political Commissioner Cde Mike Bimha said the Politburo would meet this week to deliberate on the results and suspected incidents of violence in some areas.

The ruling party would also look into complaints raised by some losing candidates, after which some wins could be withdrawn if irregularities were found.

The ruling party announced preliminary election results for the main provincial wings, women’s and youth leagues on Friday.

However, there have been unconfirmed reports of indiscipline by protesting members in some provinces that the party is currently investigating.

Cde Bimha said the preliminary results were subject to verification by the Politburo and after all cases of suspected misconduct were questioned.

“We would like these cases to be fully investigated. When we have candidates who have allegedly been involved in cases of violence, these candidates will be disqualified and, moreover, subject to the disciplinary procedure of the party,” he said. declared Cde Bimha.

He warned those who triumphed to stop celebrating until the results are approved by the Politburo.

“Regarding these preliminary results, it is not yet time for those who triumphed to celebrate. The celebrations will be justified after the Politburo deliberations,” Cde Bimha said.

He said there were aggrieved candidates who complained about the conduct of elections in some provinces.

“The results are also preliminary in the sense that every time you go through an election, some will feel aggrieved by the conduct of the election.

“For those who might think that they have been treated unfairly and have complaints, we do not throw out those complaints. We would obviously want these complaints to be examined, investigated, so that decisions are made on the basis of objectivity. “, did he declare.

Cde Bimha said his office was also awaiting reports from the teams overseeing the elections in the various provinces.

Newly elected Mashonaland West Provincial Youth President Cde Tapiwa Masenda thanked President Mnangagwa, who is the party’s first secretary, for demonstrating a high level of democracy in the recent internal elections.

“I look forward to leading youth programs in line with Vision 2030. We must also mobilize young people, especially from higher education institutions, to join the revolutionary party and be part of the bigger team before the elections of 2023 ”, declared Cde Masenda.

Cde Masenda said that as the vanguard of the party, the young people will defend the country against Western machinations.

His colleague from Mashonaland East Cde Isaac Taskan praised the party leadership for its position on the age limit for executive members of the Youth League.

The party has maintained that only those who are 35 and under are allowed to run as candidates.

“We want the voice of young people to be heard,” Cde Taksan said.

Cde Emmanuel Mahachi who won in Harare said it was designed to mobilize youth for the party through online platforms

“We want the party to win all the seats in Harare in the by-elections scheduled for the first quarter of the year,” Cde Mahachi said.

Provincial elections took place Tuesday and Wednesday last week, with a number of new faces taking the reins.

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