Yonkers Election Snapshot: Walter-Nolan BOL, 6th Merante-Hodges Council, Big Races


The County Council Race in District 15, with James Nolan, above, challenging lawmaker Ruth Walter, below, is the # 1 BOL race this year.

Councilor Anthony Merante faces tough challenge for re-election this year to 6th Council from challenger Tim Hodges
Candidate for President of Democratic City Council Lakisha Collins-Bellamy
President of the Republican Council candidate Ron Matten

Election Day in Yonkers, November 2, 2021, will feature races for the chairman of the city council, city council, county legislator and NYS Supreme Court judge.

The Yonkers election contest that many Westchester’s will watch is the race for county lawmaker in the 15th District, which includes East Yonkers and Bronxville. Democratic lawmaker Ruth Walter is running against Republican James Nolan. This race is identified by both sides as the most competitive in 2021. Walter narrowly beat Republican lawmaker Gordon Burrows in 2019, having narrowly lost to Burrows in 2017.

Walter, a small businesswoman from Bronxville, has worked for the past 2 years to reach her constituents in the East Yonkers part of the district. But with COVID keeping most of us at home since the spring of 2020, Walter continues to get her message across about what she’s done for residents and voters across the district.

James Nolan is from Yonkers and is making his first candidacy. His call to public service grew out of his activism after the death of his brother, Oakland A baseball star Michael Nolan, who was shot and killed in Yonkers in 2015.

James Nolan has worked on issues related to gun violence and drag racing through the Michael Nolan Foundation. He also volunteered in many community outreach programs in Yonkers during the pandemic. Most importantly, he actively campaigns in Yonkers.

Walter is up to the challenge and is proud to run on his record. “I have a record of accomplishments that I am proud to present and look forward to sharing with voters. Yonkers and my entire district have been well served over the past 18 months, ”said Walter.

The race for city council in the 6th arrondissement is another hot contest in Yonkers this fall. Republican City Councilor Anthony Merante faces a serious challenge from Democrat Tim Hodges. The two actively campaign, as Merante tries to keep his seat. Expect one or both to knock on your door if you live in the neighborhood.

The city council presidential race pitted Democrat Lakisha Collins-Bellamy against Republican Ron Matten. Collins-Bellamy defeated outgoing Council Chairman Mike Khader, who sits until the end of the year, in the Democratic primaries in June. The victory put Collins-Bellmany in the spotlight of many Yonkers voters.
Matten has an active campaign and, on behalf of the Yonkers GOP, is taking place across town. Four years ago, Republican Councilor Liam McLaughlin lost 10 points to Khader. Matten faces an uphill battle to win this race, but we applaud his entry.

Another issue Matten and Nolan face is that Demcorat County Manager George Latimer leads the rankings. Many believe that Latimer, who effectively helped Westchester through the pandemic, kept the county’s property tax increases at 0 and supported progressive initiatives, will help his fellow Democratic candidates in the ballot on November 2. Republican Christine Sculti is Latimer’s challenger and is actively campaigning.

Yonkers residents will also look to make history by electing the first Latino judge to the New York State Supreme Court in the 9th Judicial District, with Yonkers City Court Judge Tom Quinones the nominee. .

The unknown in BOL races and the 2021 election is turnout. With residents of Yonkers having issues like COVID, back to school and flooding on their minds, and with no race for the mayor, governor or president to increase turnout, no one knows what the total will look like. votes.

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