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Results keep pouring in from the Registrar of Electors, but here’s where three of San Diego County’s most-watched races are as of June 8.

The race for the 80th Assembly District was confusing and yielded different results when it came to the primary for the general election and the special runoff to fill the remainder of Lorena Gonzalez’s term, NBC 7’s Priya Sridhar reports.

The 80th Assembly District Race:

The race for the 80th Assembly District was confusing and yielded different results when you look at the primary for the general election and the special runoff to fill out the remainder of Lorena Gonzalez’s term. Gonzalez quit his post earlier this year after taking a job leading the California Federation of Labor.

Not only did many voters say the two concurrent elections were confusing, but the new 80th District boundaries meant some voters were eligible to vote in one election and not the other. In the special election to fill the remainder of Lorena Gonzalez’s term, David Alvarez had 56% of the votes for Georgette Gomezis 43% as of Wednesday evening.

Both Gomez and Alvarez are Democrats who served on the San Diego City Council. Gomez won endorsements from Lorena Gonzalez, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and the California Democratic Party.

Alvarez gave a victory speech in Barrio Logan on Tuesday night.

“Feeling great tonight, amazing results, very clearly 80s peoplee District decided they wanted to support someone who was going to unify the different factions of the people and our message was very positive from the start,” Alvarez said.

Georgette Gomez leads the primary for the general election, winning 35% of the vote against 31% for Alvarez.

Two Republican candidates, John Vogel Garcia and Lincoln Pickard also participated in the primary with 19% and 13% of the vote respectively.

Alvarez won the endorsement of a prominent San Diego County Republican, Greg Cox, who was the former chairman of the county board of supervisors. In a letter to voters in the 80th, Cox reportedly said, “There is no Republican candidate for State Assembly in our district. So I’m voting for David Alvarez.”

If Alvarez serves the remainder of Gonzalez’s term, he will be the incumbent in the November general election and if he can absorb the votes of the two Republican candidates who were eliminated in the primary, he could have an advantage over Gomez. Georgette Gomez was unavailable for comment on Wednesday but emailed supporters saying, “We will continue to monitor the election results and provide everyone with an update soon.”

NBC 7’s Priya Sridhar breaks down the race for the 49th congressional district.

The 49th congressional district Race:

The 49th congressional district garnered national attention after the district’s new boundaries, made the district a battleground that Republicans hoped to return to regain a majority in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C.

incumbent Democratic candidate mike levin had five Republican challengers and one Democratic opponent.

The Coastal District stretches from Del Mar to Dana Point, but recently redrawn borders have caused La Jolla to lose 49th and gain the Orange County town of Laguna Niguel. Now, the district’s party registration is 36% Democrat, 33% Republican, and the remainder Independent, making it a swing district.

“Well, we’ve been running in a very competitive district since day one, you know. When we won this district in 2018, we did it after it was held by a Republican for 18 years, so the competition is nothing new to us, in fact, we thrive on it,” Levin said Tuesday before the results were released.

The Republican challenger likely to advance to face him in November is his former rival, Brian Maryotte who is a former Certified Financial Planner and Mayor of San Juan Capistrano. Maryott got 19% of the vote in San Diego County behind Levin’s 53%.

“We can feel it building, people aren’t happy with where this administration and today’s Democratic Party are trying to take things and the impact it’s having on their daily lives. is very distressing for people,” Maryott said.

He lost to Levin in 2020 by 6 percentage points. In Orange County, Republican Supervisor Lisa Bartlett secured second place behind Mike Levin, but Maryott had just 350 votes behind her Wednesday night, making him second overall in the district.

The results are still coming in from the voter register, but here’s where the San Diego County Sheriff‘s race stands. Reporting by Priya Sridhar of NBC 7.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Race:

The San Diego County sheriff’s race was also a hot contest with San Diegans securing a ballot without an incumbent for the first time in 30 years. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has come under heavy scrutiny due to a scathing report from the state auditor’s office that said the department failed to conduct security checks and provide mental health services to inmates, resulting in many deaths in prison.

The latest results of this race have Kelly Anne Martinez, the current deputy, with 38% of the vote, and John Hemerling with 20% of the vote. Martinez is a Democrat and was endorsed by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and Hemmerling is a Republican, a former Navy and San Diego police officer and a recently resigned prosecutor.

David Myers, a Democrat who is also a retired sheriff’s commander, is in third place with 17 percent of the vote. He trails Hemmerling by around 10,000 votes on Wednesday night.

The San Diego County Registrar of Electors says the next set of results will be released by 5 p.m. Thursday, June 9.

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