Webb County Democrats hold draw for primary ballot spots

The Webb County Democratic Party held its draw on Wednesday for a spot in the 2022 Democratic Primary Voting at Laredo Firefighters Local 872 Fireman’s Union Hall.

According to Sylvia Bruni, president of the Webb County Democratic Party, the draw is part of the process put in place by the Texas Secretary of State for the upcoming primary elections and the printing of the ballot.

This is the second part of the regular process, and it follows the acceptance of applications from applicants in all counties. According to Bruni, there are 24 Democratic nominations in Webb County, all of which are certified by the county party before being sent to the secretary of state.

There are 27 Democratic counties if you count multi-county positions such as State Senator Judith Zaffirini, who represents Webb among other counties.

The draw then sees the local candidates come together to have their positions on the ballots designated. This is done through a lottery system, in which candidates for a particular office each have an assigned number drawn from the system for their place on the ballot. That is, if three candidates numbered 1, 2 and 3 are chosen in the lottery as 3, 1 and 2; this is how the ballot will end up looking like in the next election.

Currently, Bruni said the process is waiting for all counties in the state to certify their findings. Once completed, Bruni will notify the secretary of the candidates who have an opposition on the ballot.

“This is part of a process that is meant to be very clear and very carefully managed so that there is no doubt that what they are doing is legal and within very tight deadlines,” Bruni said.

As every year before, getting the masses to vote will be a priority, and Bruni said it is important to understand who is on the ballot and for what position they are running. As an example, in the next gubernatorial race there will be eight Democratic candidates vying for the post.

“It will be a pretty busy ballot at the end of the day. Of course, the challenge will be to get people to vote. I hope that there is enough concern and interest and that we get a strong performance, ”said Bruni. “We will work to get the vote then.

“It won’t just be Webb County. When voters in Webb County go to vote in March, there will be some very solid state offices up for grabs, so it will be an important primary. “

As for candidate research, campaigns, candidate information and their platforms, it can be found through social media and personal web pages.

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