Washington governor helps fundraise for Perez campaign in 3rd congressional district race

Lauren Ellenbecker / The Colombian

The list of senior Washington officials relaying their support for congressional candidate Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is growing, with the governor being its latest addition.

Gov. Jay Inslee urged subscribers to his campaign newsletter to support Perez, a Democrat from Skamania vying to represent Southwest Washington in Congress, via fundraising in her battle against Republican Joe Kent of Yacolt, as the OPB’s Troy Brynelson tweeted on Thursday. The donation request echoed a rallying cry to keep radical politics out of Washington’s federal seats.

“Please split a contribution between Marie’s campaign and mine so we can defeat far-right extremism and expand our Democratic majorities from top to bottom in the November ballot!” read Inslee’s statement.

He drew attention to a recent assessment by Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election analysis newsletter, which reported that the race for Congress was reducing its historically red grip on the district. Now, the Southwest Washington race has shifted from a “solid” Republican to a “skinny” leaning.

Earlier this summer, in an interview with The Daily News, Inslee made a similar effort to denounce Kent’s statements and actions during the campaign trail. He noted Kent’s questioning of the results of the 2020 presidential election statewide and nationwide and, recently, of the candidate’s association with white nationalist figures.

Inslee isn’t the only high-profile politician backing Perez, though not all officials have made direct comments against his competitor.

Perez got support from the senses. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of the United States, as well as Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Washington Congressmen Rick Larsen, Derek Kilmer and Suzan DelBene, as well as Representatives Javier Valdez, D-Moses Lake, and Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver, also endorsed the nominee.

The full list of Perez and Kent endorsements can be viewed on their respective websites.

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