‘Vicious campaign’ is launched against anyone who exposes politicians’ corruption: Murad Saaed

  • Communications Minister Murad Saeed said it was his “legal right” to lodge a complaint with the FIA.
  • The Minister claims that when he talks about corruption, people like Rana Sanullah, Qadir Patel, Rafiullah use ‘foul language’ against him.
  • Saaed says he had no idea his performance would be treated as a sin.

Federal Communications Minister Murad Saeed claimed on Thursday that politicians have made parliament their personal property and an odious campaign is being launched against anyone who tries to expose their corruption.

The minister was speaking to the press a day after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested journalist Mohsin Baig at his home following his complaint.

Saeed said it was his “legal right” to file a complaint with the FIA ​​over the “inappropriate talk about him”, adding he should not be asked about the method of the raid.

The minister claimed that the “vicious campaign” launched against him showed how politicians perceived the middle class and petty bourgeoisie.

“Politicians have made parliament their personal property. An ordinary man cannot reach parliament and even if he does, baseless allegations are made against him,” Saeed said.

The minister claimed that when he talks about corruption in parliament, people like Rana Sanullah, Qadir Patel and Rafiullah use “foul language” against him.

Speaking about the criticism directed at him for being praised by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the minister said: “A circus has been going on in the country for a week. For the first time, I discovered that my performance would be considered a sin.”

The Minister claimed he did not arrive in Parliament waking up one day in 2013, adding that he reached this point after much struggle.

“When I came to Parliament, the question of my degree came up. I went to court for my degree and I defended my case for three years. [They] answer me not with facts but with foul language,” Saeed said.

Returning to the case against Mohsin Baig, Saeed said he had filed a motion in reference to a television program, adding that the action was launched on the recommendations of his legal team.

The day before, journalist Mohsin Baig had been arrested following a raid by the cybercrime branch of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The journalist criticized government policies and appeared on television talk shows as an analyst.

The FIA’s cybercrime wing today raided the journalist’s home in the federal capital, together with the police, and took him into custody.

According to a press release issued by the investigative agency, the FIA ​​raided Baig’s home in F8 on Saeed’s complaint.

The statement further mentioned that the FIA ​​carried out the raid after obtaining a search and seizure warrant from the court.

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