Vehicle consortium makes available $ 32.47 billion in credits

The consortium of motor vehicles in general ended 2017 noting the availability of $ 32.47 billion in credits for consortium members. In a planned and conscious manner, the resources made it possible to acquire automobiles in the light, motorcycle and heavy segments.

In addition to being fundamental to the country economy, the automotive vehicle consortium segment in general is of great importance for the Consortium System. Of the total of 6.87 million active participants reaching December 2017, 86.6% have shares in this segment (5.95 million). The percentage is lower than the 87.8% registered a year earlier. This indicates a diversification in the use of the consortium in the other segments (real estate, electronics and services), since only the motorcycle segment showed a reduction in the total of active participants.

In general, the search for the vehicle consortium showed a slight expansion in 2017. 2.04 million were sold, compared to 2.02 million in 2016 – up 1%. The positive result is due to the increase in demand for consortium quotas in the light and heavy vehicle segments – see performance below. The 2017 balance sheet also indicates that demand for higher-value goods increased, as the average ticket increased in all segments of the vehicle consortium in general. As a result, the volume of commercialized credits reached $ 62.35 billion. The amount is 9.4% higher than the accumulated in 2016.

The number of contemplations closed 2017 down. In the accumulated result for the year, 1.12 million consortium members were contemplated – decrease of 5.9%. The consortium’s share in the loans granted, which also includes financing and leasing, was 24.3% under a total of $ 133.57 billion.

Check below how the performance of the consortium of vehicles in general, divided into the segments of light vehicles, motorcycles and scooters and heavy vehicles, was.

Light vehicle consortium: credits sold grew 8.4%

Light vehicle consortium: credits sold grew 8.4%

The demand for the consortium for vehicle acquisition was high in 2017. Adhesion increased by 2.7%, with the sale of 1.13 million new shares. The average value of the quota sold in the year also appreciated 4.8%, closing at $ 41.2 thousand. As a result, the volume of credits sold grew by 8.1%. Throughout the year, deals were closed in the order of $ 46.54 billion – Read the post How to buy a car with a consortium.

For 1.13 million consortium members, buying a car with a consortium is worth it. The contingent of active participants accounted for in December 2017 was 2.8% higher than that achieved a year earlier. Throughout the year, 549 thousand contemplations took place – an expansion of 4.9%. The volume of credits made available to consortium members for the purchase of light vehicles reached $ 22.4 billion.

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Motorcycles and Scooters Consortium: business grows 5.3%

Motorcycles and Scooters Consortium: business grows 5.3%

In 2017, the average annual ticket for the motorcycle consortium advanced 7.7%. The value closed at $ 8.4 thousand, compared to $ 7.8 thousand in 2016. This appreciation enabled an increase in the deals closed by this segment. The volume of credits traded in the 12 months of 2017 closed at $ 7.16 billion. The value is 5.3% higher than the $ 6.8 billion in 2016. However, the sale of new shares fell 2.4%, with the arrival of 854.6 thousand consortium members.

The motorcycle segment in December 2017 had 2.2 million active participants. 10.6% retraction in relation to that achieved a year earlier. Contemplations were down 15.4%, benefiting 539,500 consortium members. The same pace was accompanied by the indicator of credits made available. Fall of 15%, with $ 5.77 billion available throughout the year.

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Heavy vehicles: adhesions grow almost 12%

vehicle loan

The adhesions to the consortium of heavy vehicles registered an increase of 11.9%, with the sale of 57.15 thousand new shares. The 8.8% appreciation in the average annual ticket, of $ 151.4 thousand, boosted business. Credits of around $ 8.65 billion were sold, an increase of 21.8%. In this segment, goods such as trucks, tractors, road and agricultural implements can be purchased. It also has differentials that contribute to the good results of Brazilian agribusiness.

There were 282 thousand active participants consolidated in December 2017. One year earlier, this contingent was 280.5 thousand consortium members. The 30.5 thousand contemplations resulted in the availability of $ 4.31 billion in credits, an increase of 1.9% in relation to the accumulated in the entire year of 2016.