Utah Politicians Should Support Biden’s Vaccine Mandate | Opinion


I implore our elected officials and the public to rally around the presidential mandate for vaccinations against COVID-19. It is not a political question; it is a scientific and public health issue. It is the desire for freedom of a group against the health and safety of all.

I am 84 years old. I experienced the polio epidemics when I was a child. We have lost family friends to the most virulent strain. I also experienced all childhood illnesses, quarantined with a yellow sign on the door. Now this is all history and we are better off because of it.

I spent my career as a teacher and director of a public school; children are not allowed to go to school if they are not vaccinated, and we are better off for that. As a parent, I understood and welcomed these rules.

Now my great-grandchildren have to go to schools where most of the other kids don’t camouflage themselves. My adult great-granddaughter lost much of her senior year in college, which should have provided her with irreplaceable experiences. Now vaccinated, she was told yesterday that she had been exposed in two different classes and is being tested today. My 17-year-old great-grandchild, who suffers from a severe developmental delay, has already missed a few days of badly needed school. Three great-grandchildren under 12 go to school wearing masks but most of their classmates are not.

Me and most of the others, especially those of us who are older, have missed so much of the social life that is important to our well-being.

And why? So can the spoiled and selfish minority pretend that their freedom of choice is being trampled on? Because so many of our politicians at all levels here in Utah choose to antagonize a Democratic president rather than protect the public as best they can, they will endanger my life, the lives of my children, and the lives of all those who have acted responsibly in the face of this pandemic.

Please listen to the voices of those who are doing their best to be responsible human beings. Be a statesman, not a politician.

Dolores hansen nelson


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