Tired of COVID ‘politicized science’ politician Mark Levine


Mark Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” shared his thoughts on Thursday about the manpower shortage caused by the mandatory vaccine.

Mark Levine: Some people seem to be vaccinated. Very many people are vaccinated, almost 80%. Some people have natural immunity. What percentage of 20% have innate immunity? The CDC doesn’t tell you. Go to their site, you can’t find it.

You don’t need these totalitarian tactics. Nurses and teachers who have been at the mercy of their lives for a year and a half. I tell you that tyranny has no limits … I absolutely hate this administration for accepting illegal immigrants. Oh, I have an idea… Apparently they don’t need to be vaccinated, so why don’t illegal immigrants get jobs in nursing and education?

Framer was very nice, he didn’t support democracy, he supported republicanism. That is why we have a declaration that talks about inviolable rights. It is not all about the vote, the majority supports it and the majority supports it. Sometimes you have to do the right thing, morality and justice. And what is happening now is not fair, moral or fair.

We are spreading collective immunity, which is good. Some people are vaccinated. This is a good thing. Vaccinated people don’t have to be afraid of unvaccinated people. Politicians always want us down each other’s throats in everything. They politicized science and politicized viruses. And frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all tyranny.

“In the future, the government could close in the short term,” they said. It looks like the sky is falling. But if you shut down a hospital or a school and shut down the private sector… that’s right, it would be… again, it’s a double standard, and personally I’m sick of it. Make.

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Tired of COVID ‘politicized science’ politician Mark Levine

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