The redistricting caused chaos. Some savvy politicians take advantage of this.

“Sean has a reputation for showing his loyalty to his donors,” Ms Biaggi said, but “people beg us to act fervently on their behalf.” His opponent’s camp has pointed out that he supports a Green New Deal and that he helped pass a law prohibiting oil barges from anchoring in the Hudson. As her campaign spokeswoman, Mia Ehrenberg, put it: “Only one candidate in this primary has passed legislation in the House to take money out of politics and got the endorsement of End Citizens United: Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney.”

The day before my conversation with Ms. Biaggi, the Working Families Party, which supported her, ran an ad attacking Mr. Maloney’s record on the Affordable Care Act, but the situation was more complicated than the spot makes it clear. suggested. In 2015, he backed a Republican measure to repeal the Medical Device Tax, which imposed fees on makers of X-ray machines and other equipment that would have raised $29 billion over a decade to help fund health care reform.

This has been a particular sticking point for the Biaggi campaign. A New York Times editorial seven years ago called repeal a “terrible idea” given “a veneer of respectability” because liberals like Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken, who had significant numbers of manufacturers of medical products in their States, supported him. On several other occasions, however, Mr. Maloney has voted to protect Obamacare.

Voters’ eagerness to unravel complex policy positions in a primary during the final days of August, the sleepiest week on the Western calendar, should match their interest in wearing Shetland wool during a heatwave . The strengths of image and endorsements will be even more likely to guide them.

Mr Maloney, who is well known in the district, enjoys the support of dozens of local officials and various unions. Ms. Biaggi has been endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and so to some extent the race will serve as a test of progressive firepower in the current political moment. Last month, Jessica Cisneros, a congressional candidate from Texas who challenged a left-leaning Democratic candidate for nine terms, failed in her efforts, in a race decided by less than 300 votes.

Despite her relative anonymity in the newly mapped 17th District, Ms. Biaggi could be well served by the pandemic exodus of liberal New Yorkers to the Hudson Valley, a bloc that would reliably back up, for example, her unwavering support for bail reform. Overall, however, the neighborhood leans more to the right than the one she currently represents. Rockland County is home to many law enforcement personnel and a large Orthodox Jewish community.

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