The presiding commissioner only contested the race in the county elections | Government

The county candidates running for the August primary election are set and the presiding commissioner seat is the only contested race.

Al Purcell, a Republican, was the first person to submit his candidacy for commissioner president after Lee Sawyer decided he would not run again. Purcell’s top priority is to understand the community.

“At one time, we were the worthwhile city and community,” Purcell said. “It’s worth it for me and myself, but for some reason it’s not worth it for some people who have moved from here. At the same time, people who work here who don’t live here, so for me that has to be a priority.

Andrew Gibson is the only Democrat in the race. He works at National Beef and considers himself a blue collar worker, which he says makes him more approachable and approachable. His top priority is tackling the drug “epidemic” and “reinvesting community trust in the school district.”

“There’s a lot of need in the communities of St. Joe,” Gibson said. “I think it starts here. But it’s spreading through all the communities and across the county. That’s why you have a greater range. This is where there is more important work to be done, not just here, but everywhere.

Scott Nelson was the last candidate for President Commissioner to file. Also a Republican, the retired dentist is running to give back to the community that has invested in his family for more than 30 years.

“I consider him a steward,” Nelson said. “There are three commissioners, one of the three county stewards. What does a steward do? He’s not a king. A king rules the earldom, but a steward makes sure the earldom is best left when they leave. You inherit something, we want to try to improve that.

Both Purcell and Nelson plan to meet with voters over the next four months before facing each other in the Aug. 2 primary election.

County races aren’t the only elections to be voted on in August and November. Many statewide seats are up for grabs, with a few contested seats in northwest Missouri.

Below is the full list of Buchanan County, Andrew County and state offices in the running, with the corresponding candidates who filed for each position.

Associate Circuit Court Judge, Division 5 – Chad Gaddie (R)

Associate Circuit Court Judge, Division 6 – Rebecca Spencer (R)

County Auditor – Tara Horn (R)

Circuit Clerk – Ashley Thrasher (R)

County Clerk – Mary Baack-Garvey (R)

County Collector – Peggy Campbell (D)

Presiding Commissioner – Al Purcell (R), Scott Nelson (R), Andrew Gibson (D)

Attorney for the prosecution – Michelle Davidson (R)

Recorder of Deeds – Becky Dunlap (R)

Associate Circuit Judge – Emily Bauman (R), Arthur David Peppard (R), Ron Findley (R)

Prosecutor – Monica Morrey (R), Amy Cloud (R)

Presiding Commissioner – Gary Baumann (R), Brad Jarvis (R)

County Clerk – Sarah Miller (R)

County Circuit Clerk – Christy Porter (R)

County Collector – Phillip Rogers (R)

Recorder of Proceedings – Chanler Williams (R)

Treasurer — Cindy Esely (R)

State of Missouri (northwest region)

Representative District 1 – Jasper Logan, Burlington Junction (R), Alan Bennet, Barnard (R), Holly Kay Cronk, Skidmore (R), Michelle Horner, King City (R), Jeff Farnan, Stanberry (R), Jess Piper, Maryville (D)

District 2 Representative – Randy Railsback, incumbent, Hamilton (R), Mazzie Boyd, Hamilton (R), Lois Pointos, Ridgeway (D)

District 9 Representative — Dean VanSchoiack, Savannah (R)

District 10 Representative — Bill Falkner, St. Joseph (R)

Representative District 11 – Brenda Shields, St. Joseph (R)

District 13 Representative – Sean Pouche, Kansas City (R)

Senate District 12 – Delus Johnson, Country Club (R), J Eggleston, Maysville (R), Rusty Black, Chillicothe (R), Michael Baumli, Maryville (R)

Senate District 34 – Tony Luetkemeyer, Parkville (R), Sarah Shorter, Kansas City (D)

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