The Married Life of Actor-Politician MGR – A Tragic Story

Maruthur Gopala Ramachandran (MGR) needs no introduction. People remember him as an actor, benefactor and politician, who founded AIADMK. But only his wife Janaki and adopted children K Ravindran, Radha, Latha, Sudha and Geetha had a closer view of the family man he was.

As successful as he was on the big screen and in the political arena, MGR has led quite an interesting personal life. Much has been said about the women he courted or his supposed adventures. Well, swirling around in rumors is a pretty common thing for journalists.

MGR has reached untouchable heights in film and politics, but his married life has been a tragic story. The actor-turned-politician was first married to a goldsmith named Chitarikulam Bhargavi. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted a few months, as Bhargavi died of an illness in 1942. Not much is known of her whereabouts.

In the same year, MGR reconnected with Sadanandavati, also known as Ammu. Sadanandavati was fascinated by MGR and their married life was bliss. Twenty years after the start of the marriage, a new tragedy struck MGR’s paradise and Sadanandavati died of a devastating attack of tuberculosis, in 1962.

A year later, MGR married for the third time. He married actor VN Janaki. She was first married to Ganapati Bhatt, and the couple also had a son Surendran. His first film with MGR was Jupiter’s Mohini in 1948, which was in line with Thief of Baghdad. Janaki continued to do some projects, and she reunited with MGR at Maruthanattu Ilavarasi.

It was while filming Maruthanattu Ilavarasi that MGR allegedly had a crush on Janaki. Before the filming of the film began, MGR had already lost his first wife, and the second was ill. One of the reasons he liked Janaki was because she looked like his second wife, Sadanandavati.

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