The Bristol Press – American Legion Post 20 in Plymouth to offer residents a chance to meet the candidates


PLYMOUTH – American Legion Post 20 will offer residents the opportunity to meet with candidates for mayor and city council on October 28.

The inaugural “Meet the Candidates” event will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Legion Station at 245 Main Street. Keith Golnik, commander of the post, said it would not be a debate but an opportunity for candidates to meet and interact with voters.

“This will be an opportunity for the candidates to come out and meet the voters on a neutral playing field,” Golnik said.

Golnik said the American Legion does not endorse or oppose any particular candidate. However, one of the four pillars of the American Legion is the promotion of Americanism. To this end, the Legion wanted to offer this new event and encourage residents to go out and vote.

“All municipal candidates are invited and encouraged to participate in this forum,” Golnik said. “The mayoral candidates will have five minutes to make a presentation, then the council candidates three minutes each. The order of presentations will be by blind drawing.

Golnik will serve as the timekeeper. At the end of all presentations, members of the public will be allowed to ask one question each of a candidate.

“At the end of the question and answer period, all candidates and voters are encouraged to mingle and interact personally with voters,” Golnik said.

The Republican candidate for mayor is Joe Kilduff.

Republican city council candidates include Dan Gentile, Ron Tiscia, Joe Green, Roxanne McCann and Nate Brown.

The city’s Republican committee approved the list of the education council comprising Lou Zbuska, Cindy Candrea-Florenciani and Dia Fusco.

Additionally, Jennifer Brunoli and Vicky Carey were approved as Republican candidates for the Finance Council.

The Republican candidates for constable are George Castle, Rick Pinkerton, Eric Pelz and Christine Ciarmella.

Ron Wollenberg received Republican approval for the assessment appeal board, David Mischke was approved by Republicans to run for treasurer, Erica Cabiya was approved as a Republican candidate for the clerk’s candidate town and Pam Pelletier received the nod from the Republican Party for the post of tax collector.

Sandy Klimkoski, Darla Lizotte and Helena Schwalm have received approval from the Republican City Committee to run for library administrator positions.

The Democratic candidate for mayor is Erin King.

The approved Democratic City Council candidates are Lynn Rugh, Peter Gianesini Sr., James Mozelak, Brett Festa and Susan Boilard.

For the Board of Education, the Plymouth Democratic Town Committee supported candidates Richard Foote, Patrick Perugino and Ellen Roth.

The Democratic City Committee also has Victoria Carey and David Sekorski for the finance board and Briana Brumaghim to fill a vacant position on the finance board.

The Democratic City Committee endorsed four constable candidates; Sally Barnes, Vito Flammia III, Brandon Johndro and John Rugh.

Candidates for the library board approved by the Democratic City Committee include Lisa Bower Courtney, Christine Alvarado Judd and Virginia Lee Ulinskas. In addition, they supported Alesia M. LeDuc to fill a vacant position.

Jerry Fedorovich is the candidate approved by the Democratic Town Committee for the post of treasurer.

The Democratic City Committee did not approve any candidates for the tax collector, city clerk or assessment appeal board.

No RSVP for applicants is required.

Questions can be directed to Keith Golnik at 860-940-9204.

For more information on American Legion Post 20, visit or call 860-584-9119 or email

[email protected]

Brian M. Johnson can be reached at 860-973-1806 or [email protected]

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