Texas abortion law focuses on protests and politicians at Aurora Planned Parenthood


As Governor JB Pritzker met with congressional Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday inside Aurora’s Planned Parenthood, protesters gathered outside.

Both groups focused on Texas’ new abortion law, which essentially bans six-week abortions.

Representative Lauren Underwood (D-Crystal Lake), who is also a registered nurse, said Congress must pass laws protecting abortion rights for all U.S. residents. She said that access to safe abortions is a matter of basic health care for women.

“The Women’s Health Protection Act is a federal bill that will allow women to make reproductive decisions …

Outside, protesters told FOX 32 Chicago they were there to show their support for Texas’ new abortion law, which also creates a bounty system that would award $ 10,000 to people who sue with success anyone who performs an abortion.

“We think a lot of women come here [to Planned Parenthood] and they think it’s their only choice, ”one person told FOX 32 Chicago. “We offer another choice. We offer a choice for life. “


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