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Submitted by State Senator Daniel Sparks

“. reversing the media narrative… ”

Mr. Speaker, you are wrong. You are wrong about the border crisis, you are wrong about inflation, you are wrong about the economy, you are wrong about Afghanistan and you are wrong to try to circumvent the Constitution.

A private employer establishes the conditions of employment with his company. These are the risk takers, the capital investors and the policy makers. You do not have the right, neither in law nor in principle, to interfere in this private commercial relationship with a vaccine mandate.

You are probably not very familiar with these concepts, as you have been a student or a taxpayer supported public official for the vast majority of your life. Despite a law degree, the only private job you brag about are your lifeguard days with Corn Pop. You have never been an innovator or a business creator, but you have shown skill as a beautifier and plagiarist.

Your intrusion into the private sector will further jeopardize the survival of small and medium-sized businesses. The tax increases and regulatory regimes you are proposing are poised to stifle the economic entrepreneurship that is the hallmark of American exceptionalism.

Your focus on wealth redistribution, gender fluidity, and new green deals are quickly undermining many of the foundational principles this country was built on. Your ideas and legislative agenda mean as much as Hunter Biden’s high-priced art sales.

Your actions will put hard-working Mississippians out of work, and the enforced separation of long-term team members from their employer will further jeopardize businesses in my district. You want more citizens dependent on government for all their needs, from daily subsistence to health care. It gives you and yours more power and control; it is the opposite of liberty and liberty.

I encourage every American to take an honest inventory of their health and to assess the risks with their doctor in order to better defend themselves and their families against this ongoing pandemic. Your retribution, arrogance, and double standard denials will not help you in this endeavor.

Your attempt to circumvent the Constitution through OSHA regulations is not well taken. You and your team know that there is a standard 60-day period before a proposed regulation can be enforced and input from small business associations is required by the Enforcement and Fairness Act. small businesses (SBREFA). You know legal action is imminent, but hopefully the number of cases tends to drop in the meantime so you can take the false credit for success.

You know why you took this step on the eve of the 20th anniversary of September 11. Your botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which needlessly cost more American lives, was so bad that members of your own party were critical and you desperately needed to change the narrative. Your multi-trillion dollar budget and infrastructure deals couldn’t afford to bleed out votes.

Congratulations on the first success of your presidency; overturning the media narrative of the abandonment of Americans and military allies in Afghanistan to unconstitutional intrusion into private business and the ability of employees to provide for the financial needs of their families.

You will likely continue to rule in a foolish and reckless manner for the remainder of your presidency, but rest assured that we will stand up against you at every turn of impropriety. We will oppose you not because we belong to different political parties or to rural red states, but because, Mr President, you are wrong.


Presented by State Senator Daniel Sparks.

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