Saybrook’s old lists ready for November election


By Eric O’Connell / • 10/8/2021 3:15 PM EST

The November municipal election took shape in Old Saybrook. Following a special meeting on July 26, the Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee (DTC) announced its slate for the upcoming election led by Selectman board candidate Matthew J Pugliese. The Republican Town Committee (RTC) roster is led by the appointment of Carl Fortuna for First Selectman and Scott Giegerich for the Board of Selectmen.

With the appointments, it looks like there won’t be many new leaders on the city’s board of directors. The Democrats have chosen not to present a candidate for the first selection post and the RTC candidates are both incumbents.

While there may not be any drama at the top of the ballot, there will be more hotly contested races for the other open seats.

Each July of a municipal election, each municipal committee holds a caucus where the party determines which members will be officially approved for candidacy for elected seats.

Unapproved candidates seeking to force the primary election of an approved candidate had until 4 p.m. on Aug. 11 (after press time) to file a petition.

Democratic approvals

Pugliese is a member of the Board of Directors of Selectmen and is running for a second term. The DTC does not have a candidate for the first selectman.

For the Police Commission, the DTC appointed Jessica Calle, Jill Notar – Francesco, Renee Root Shippee and Alfred “Chub” Wilcox. Carol A Manning is nominated for a two-year term to fill a vacant position.

Barry O’Nell is the candidate for city treasurer.

Bruce Carlson, Lynn Dallas, Nicole Phaneuf and John O’Brien are the candidates for the Finance Council.

For the school board, the DTC brought in Eileen Baker, Karen Brodeur, Patricia O’Brien and Dorothy O’Nell.

Jeffrey Gibson and Joan Strickland are candidates for the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Candidates for the Planning Commission include Michael Bender and Kathleen Sugland.

Laura Parker Gray and Elizabeth Steffen are the nominees for the Zoning Commission while Justin Terribile is appointed for a two-year term to fill a vacant position.

For the Zoning Board of Appeals, Carl Garbe and C. Marston Ladd are the candidates.

The nominees for parks and recreation are Nancy Shepard Gatta, Rob LeMire and Jane Wisialowski.

The candidate for the Port Management Commission, Robert Soden, completes the list.

Republican slate

For the Board of Selectmen, the RTC fired First Selectman Carl Fortuna and Selectman Scott Giegerich.

For the post of city clerk, the RTC appointed Sarah Becker.

For the municipal treasurer, the candidate is Barbara Labriola.

Barry Maynard has been appointed tax collector.

For the Police Commission, the RTC appointed Susan Quish, Katie Toolan and Jeff Jordan. Eric Dessalt has been appointed to fill a two-year term.

For the Finance Council, Paul Carver and Brad Thorpe have been appointed. Marc Delmonico has been appointed for a two-year term.

Tara Nolin Barros, Trevor Nichols and Steve Beeler have been appointed to the Board of Education.

The RTC selected Matt Diamond and Peter Gallagher to run for the Appeals Assessment Board.

Paula Kay was selected for the planning commission while Nick Provost was appointed for a two-year term on the commission.

For the zoning commission, Geraldine Lewis and Robert Friedmann were appointed.

Kevin Dandy, Chuck Gadon and Brenda Dyson have been appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

James Henderson has been nominated for the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Harbor Management Commission candidate David Cole completed the list.

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