Republican candidates take the lead

This week’s election featured multiple races for the Maury County School Board among six odd-numbered seats with multiple candidates.

Early voting results show Republican candidates taking the lead in many districts. depending on the results of the early vote.

In Maury County School Board District 1, Republican Kristen Shull ran unopposed, getting 1,099 votes, winning 97.8% of the tally.

Ten written votes represented 1.8% of the vote.

Early results for the District 3 board seat show an extremely close race with independent Jamila Bumpas Brown winning 305 votes, just a tick ahead of Republican Anson Anderson who garnered 255 votes. The seat will replace board member Winston Harlan, who did not stand for re-election.

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The District 5 board seat shows Republican Laura Nutt with a comfortable lead with 889 votes at 62.17% ahead of David Moore who received 538 votes and 37.6%.

The District 7 board seat is won by independent incumbent Will Sims who received 813 votes to Republican Debbie Buonomo’s 628 votes, or 43% of the take.

The winner of the District 9 board seat is Stephen D. McGee, Republican nominee, with 1,269 votes, out of incumbent Chad Howell’s 672 votes.

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The August 4 vote results for the Maury County School Board are as follows:

District 1

  • Kristin H. Shull (Republican candidate) – 1,099

District 3

  • Anson Anderson (Republican Candidate) – 255
  • Jamila Bumpas Brown – 305

District 5

  • David Moore (holder) – 538
  • Laura C. Nutt (Republican candidate) – 889

District 7

  • Deborah G. Buonomo (Republican Candidate) – 628
  • Will Sims (holder) – 813

District 9

  • Chad Howell (incumbent) – 672
  • Stephen D. McGee (Republican candidate) – 1,269

District 11

  • Benjamin Baeker – 303
  • Jackson Tyler Carter (Republican candidate) – 781

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