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Applications for candidates for the Qatari Shura Council elections will run from Sunday to Thursday.

The Shura Council Election Oversight Committee will begin to receive registration of candidates for the next ballot, authorities have confirmed, marking the second phase of the electoral process in the Gulf state.

Candidate registration requests will take place over five days from Sunday to Thursday.

The committee stressed that candidates must abide by the provisions of the constitution. According to the rules in force, candidates are prohibited from organizing and holding electoral meetings, giving speeches, placing posters, advertisements or photos in educational institutions and government buildings.

The final list of candidates will be announced on September 15, after which the election campaign will begin. Campaigns will end 24 hours before the start of the voting process.

It comes as authorities announced on Sunday that the elections will be officially held on October 2, 2021.

Qatari citizens will be able to vote for a total of 30 of the 45 members in a general ballot, with Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani selecting the remaining 15.

The elected Council of the Shura will have legislative power and will be able to approve the general policies of the State and their budgets. It will also exercise control over the executive, with the exception of the bodies defining defense, security, economic and investment policy.

During a Qatari TV programmer, lawyer Youssef Al Zaman advised voters to look at the lists of candidates, attend their meetings, read their programs, and then determine the best way to represent the interest public and state interest.

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“They have to watch the candidates and compare their electoral platforms, then choose the most qualified,” Al Zaman said.

The lawyer also noted that, regarding the candidates’ campaign budget, “the candidate must open a bank account through which he spends for election campaigns in an amount not exceeding QAR 2 million and the candidate can receive community support at a rate not exceeding 35 percent of the two million riyals.

On Saturday, the commission stopped receiving requests for opposition and grievances against the preliminary voters lists at the electoral headquarters. The final electoral lists will be announced on Sunday.

Who can be nominated?

Applicants must be of Qatari origin and aged 30 and over on the closing date of application. They must also be proficient in reading and writing in Arabic.

If the first conditions are met, candidates can be registered in their electoral district and must then continue to maintain a good reputation and good conduct while keeping their criminal record clean.

Those who hold ministerial and military positions – state, judicial bodies, ministers of state, central municipal council – cannot appoint themselves.

Candidates working in ministries or other government entities whose names appear on the final candidate lists are granted unpaid leave for the duration of the elections if they do not have a sufficient leave balance.

Candidates are free to withdraw their candidacy seven days before polling day by submitting a form to the committee.

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