Protesters target home of Calgary’s third politician this month

Just days after protesting outside the home of Calgary’s mayor, a group calling itself Calgary Freedom Central targeted the home of another politician.

Calgary Freedom Center, which describes itself as a “community news page providing information on rallies and coverage of the freedom movement in Alberta,” posted a video on its Facebook page that shows a number of people gathered outside the condo of Ward 9 Councilor Gian-Carlo Carra. The group holds signs and chants “Tear down the fence” and “Hey! Carra! Let our children be.

Calgary Freedom Center writes on facebook that Carra is “the driving force behind the closure of Inglewood’s Without Papers Pizza, for violating medical apartheid, and he recently ordered the fence around the parking lot where the restaurant owner is holding anti-mandate rallies every Thursdays”.

The post says Carra was spotted “hiding in the hallway of her condo during the protest, presumably on the phone with the police,” while Calgary City Council was in a meeting late in the day.

Calgary Freedom Central notes that the protesters left before police arrived.

Carra has served on the Ward 9 City Council since 2010.

Calgary Freedom Central says this is the third house of politicians Calgarians have protested against since the start of 2022.

The group demonstrated at the home of Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek on Sunday January 9 and at the home of Alberta Health Minister Jason Copping on Saturday January 1.

Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta caught on Twitter Monday morning, condemning Sunday’s protest at Gondek’s home and calling it “just wrong”.

On Monday evening, Gondek also offered feedback on the event on Twitter, saying, “One small event doesn’t define us.”

Calgary Freedom Center said Monday on Facebook that they plan to continue demonstrating outside the homes of politicians.

“It has become abundantly clear to us that after nearly two years, none of these politicians are willing to listen to the voices of the people they are meant to represent,” the group wrote.

“We plan to continue to protest outside their homes until all vaccine and mask mandates and restrictions are removed and an open dialogue is engaged with the public,” the message continues.

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