Portage-Lisgar candidates campaigning last weekend before election




It’s the last campaign weekend before the federal election, and in Portage-Lisgar, candidates are taking advantage of the few days left before Canadians vote.

Conservative candidate Candice Bergen, holder of Portage-Lisgar, said those she spoke to want to see change in Ottawa.

“They love our plan, they love the fact that Erin O’Toole has a recovery plan,” Bergen said.

“It was featured early on in the campaign, it’s very substantial, so I got a lot of positive feedback at the gates.

Bergen is a leading candidate for the Conservatives. In September 2020, she was appointed Deputy Leader of the Opposition by O’Toole.

She said her party was going to limit government spending.

“We are going to get to work to bring the deficit under control. We’re going to do it in ten years, if we can do it faster than that, that would be great, but at most in ten years.

Bergen is not the only candidate campaigning for the votes.

NDP candidate Ken Friesen was born and raised in Winkler, he said voters he spoke to are struggling to keep up with the cost of living.

“I spoke to a gentleman who has his own farm, but he works two days a week in town because he needs to make ends meet. People like this need something like a universal basic income, ”he said.

Friesen said the riding is very conservative, but the NDP movement is growing.

The only Manitoba candidate for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada is Jerome Dondo, and this is his fourth election in Portage-Lisgar. He said vaccination is a hot topic for people in the region.

“If you’re okay with the vaccine passports that (choose) the conservatives, like the liberals, either will work. If you are against (vaccine passports), we are the option.

Kelly Saunders, associate professor of political science at Brandon University, believes that constituency will go to Bergen.

“I don’t think she’s vulnerable. Although I think it is interesting, the Liberals also targeted the riding. The Liberal candidate there is Andrew Carrier, he’s vice-president of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Saunders said the People’s Party of Canada could also take votes away from the PCs.

“(Bergen can) win with a smaller majority, but she’s still going to win the riding I’m anticipating.”

Other candidates in the riding include Liberal candidate Andrew Carrier and Solomon Wiebe of the People’s Party of Canada.

Election day is Monday, September 20.


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