Politicians in the region respond to announcement of Cuomo’s resignation


ALBANY, NY (WHCU) – Many regional politicians have issued statements announcing Governor Cuomo’s resignation.

State Senator Tom O’Mara says it is important to start a new era in New York State government and believes it is essential that a new governor and legislature refocus on the critical challenges facing communities local. O’Mara also echoes calls for full investigations into the wrongs and wrongs of Governor Cuomo and his administration.

State Senator Peter Oberacker calls Cuomo’s departure “long-awaited” and says it opens the door to a fresh start in New York State. He says his it is time to refocus efforts on energizing small businesses and improving the lives of individuals and families. Oberacker also noted that the resignation would not mean the end of several inquiries into the governor.

State Assembly Member Christopher Friend said Cuomo was doing the right thing for the state by stepping down. He says a quote: “We need to move forward and have an executive that is not bogged down by multiple serious scandals. He also wished Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul a smooth transition.

State Attorney General Letitia James has said this concludes a sad chapter for New York City, but calls it a significant step towards justice. She thanked Governor Cuomo for his contributions to the state, and noted his faith in Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul as she takes the helm.

US Senator Kirstin Gillibrand First thanked the women who stepped forward to share their stories, calling them a quote: “incredibly brave” and “true public servants”. Gillibrand says she believes Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will be an excellent governor and hope New York takes advantage of this opportunity to move forward and build a new culture of leadership.

US Senator Chuck Schumer praises the brave women who stepped forward to tell their stories, noting that there is no place in the state or country for sexual harassment. He calls Cuomo’s decision to step down the right call for the good of the people of New York.

Congressman Claudia Tenney said the quote: “King Cuomo’s corrupt reign is finally over, but the fight for justice and accountability has only just begun. She calls for further investigations into Cuomo’s allegations of abuse of power and criminal misconduct. She also wants those who allegedly aided and encouraged Cuomo during his tenure to be held accountable for their potential misdeeds as well.

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