Perez and Kent strengthen their positions in the 3rd District race

Perez has raised nearly $250,000 for his campaign leading up to the primary election — a meager amount compared to Kent’s $2.2 million war chest. Going forward, she said fundraising will be key to expanding her reach in the district.

Fortunately for the candidate, her donations have already exploded.

In the past 24 hours, Perez said her campaign received $100,000 in small donations, which she attributes to Southwestern Washingtonians not wanting to be represented by “another Marjorie Taylor Greene.” She said Kent’s messages hinged on fear, as she focused on building good governance.

“He has millions, (and) we have the truth,” Perez said.

Kent, a former Green Beret, has centered his “America First” campaign around dismantling the “establishment,” among other national issues. Kent told The Columbian that his responses on hot topics would remain the same, but his posts would shift to a more local perspective.

On the other hand, Perez’s campaign initially focused on the needs of the local working class and their importance to the region’s economic success. Perez co-owns a body shop with her husband and has a degree in economics, which she says is a factor that makes her more competent than her opponent to represent the needs of the 3rd District.

“There is only one candidate, however, who has actually raised a family (and) works in the trades and provides jobs that people can be proud of,” Perez said.

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