Nominations in eastern North Carolina halted, state examining allegations of gerrymandering

The North Carolina Supreme Court has suspended the state’s current filing period for the 2022 election and pushed back the date for the primary by two months.

Following a decision rendered by the highest court in the state, potential candidates can no longer file a case until the litigation is over.

The court granted an injunction on Wednesday in response to legal challenges related to the new maps of Congress and the state’s legislative districts. The primaries were originally scheduled for March 8 and are now scheduled for May 17.

On Monday, the North Carolina Court of Appeals suspended the filing of nominations for congressional and state seats. The decision came from a lawsuit filed by the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, arguing the cards were unconstitutional.

Elections include one seat in the United States Senate, the 14 seats in the United States House and 170 seats in the General Assembly, as well as judicial and other positions. County-wide and all municipal elections are also delayed.

The ordinance says that applicants who have already filed will be accepted and used for the May primary. The Supreme Court said a panel of three trial judges hearing a pair of lawsuits must rule on the claims by Jan. 11.

This is the second time in three days that state courts have stopped the filing of nominations.

As nominations closed at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, a few more names were added to several county races.

Two current North Carolina state senators and a North Carolina House prospect have filed a case that will impact the elections in Jones, Pamlico and Craven. A current Craven County School Board member who was appointed earlier this year will take part in his first official campaign.

Below are the candidates who applied for the 2022 elections at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

  • State Senator Jim Perry (R) applied for District 3 of the North Carolina Senate (Lenoir, Craven and Pamlico
  • NC House Rep. Chris Humphrey (R) applied for House District 12 (Jones, Lenoir)
  • Brent Jackson (right) candidate for District 9 of the North Carolina Senate (Jones County)
  • NC House Rep. Keith Kidwell (R) running for NC House District 79 (Pamlico)
  • NC House of Rep. Steven Tyson (R) candidate for NC House District 3 (Craven)
  • Celeste Cairns (R) running for NC House District 13 (Craven, Carteret)
  • State Senator Brent Jackson (right) is running for District 9 of the North Carolina Senate (Jones)
  • State Senator Bob Steinburg (R) running for NC Senate District 2 (Pamlico)

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Craven County candidates who filed

Craven County Council of Commissioners

Craven County Board of Education

  • Scott Murphy (R) District 2
  • Michael A. Genovese (R) District 4
  • Victor Dove (R) District 4

Craven County Superior Court Clerk

  • Terri W. Sharp (D)
  • Lexanne Huffman (D)

Craven County Sheriff

New mayor of Bern

Council of Aldermen of New Bern

  • Sabrina Bengel (Ward 1)
  • Jameesha Harris (Ward 2)
  • Jennell Reddick (Ward 2)
  • Bobby Aster (Ward 3)
  • Johnnie Ray Kinsey (Ward 4)
  • Travis Oakley (Ward 6)
  • Bob Brinson (Ward 6)

Jones County candidates who filed

Jones County District Attorney

Jones County Council of Commissioners

  • Charlie Dunn, Jr (D) District 1
  • April Philyaw Aycock (R) District 3

Jones County Board of Education

  • Debbie Philyaw (D)
  • Myron P Meadows (D)

Jones County Superior Court Clerk

Jones County Sheriff

  • Matthew Wineman (right)
  • Carl Baugus (D)

Pamlico County candidates who filed

Pamlico County Council of Commissioners

  • Kari Forrest (R) off
  • Doug Brinson (R) off
  • Edward Lee Riggs, Jr. (R) District 3

Pamlico County Superior Court Clerk

Pamlico County Sheriff

Pamlico County Board of Education

  • Erik Smith (in general)
  • Jamie D. Gibbs (in general)
  • Aaron Caroon (in general)

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