No patience with politicians who flip-flop

Do you remember when you were a child that horrible day of November 25th? It marked just one month before Santa Claus will come and explode in your chimney.

Oh the wait wasn’t that great unless you’ve been a totally rotten kid for the previous 11 months in which case you only had 30 days to make amends in a hurry hoping to garnish the plethora of gifts on Christmas morning.

Welcome to the nine-month mark before the midterms. And just like the recalcitrant kids, have you noticed a whole bunch of politicians flip-flopping on almost everything they’ve “defended” over the past 13+ months?

Yes, dear reader, in a flood of empathy for their deathly sick COVID voters, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington and New York are easing mandates and restrictions. And, of course, you can feel completely comfortable with these decisions, as Dr. Fauci has stated categorically that it has “nothing to do with politics” and that they are only “following the science”.

Apparently, COVID-19 cases have taken a remarkable plunge to the tune of 44%. Follow the science, indeed. Bah smoke. My opinion only – and take it with a bag of salt – but could it be that hospitals were told not to classify a death as “due to COVID” if there was something else involved? Oh, I don’t know – like electrocution, poisoning, heart attack or fatal gunshots?

And wasn’t it fair of Joe to send us free COVID-19 test kits and provide stores with free N-95 masks just when the threat of this disease subsided? I’m still waiting for my free kits, and we picked up some masks. Have you tried them? You need a science degree to get into it, and I highly doubt the physiognomy of the human head has much to do with the design of the mask. Hell, I could cut off circulation to my nose, ears, and cheekbones without much effort wearing one.

New York, Baltimore, Oakland, Minneapolis and Los Angeles are among those backtracking on France-de-Tour and now demanding a “police refund” movement. Seemingly alarmed by the increase in criminal activity in their regions, the rulers are pressured by a host of very disgruntled citizens to clean up their actions.

With all the hubbub in Ottawa with the blockade of truckers in the Canadian capital, coupled with the outpouring of support from Canadians and citizens around the world, it is interesting to see however that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not facing an election before October 2023. So he still has eight months to go before he has to back down desperately trying to save face.

Oh puh-lease. “Wanting to be a politician should automatically stop you from being one” is one of my favorite sayings from my absolute favorite comedian, Billy Connolly.

These magnificent gestures of American politicians are as opaque as cellophane.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email him at [email protected]

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