New York mayoral candidate Eric Adams said Democratic lawmakers had “misplaced” priorities on efforts to tackle gun violence


“I believe those priorities, they were really misplaced. And it’s almost insulting what we’ve witnessed over the last few years,” Adams told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” when asked about the priorities of his party. “A lot of our presidents saw these numbers. They knew the city centers, especially where black people, brown people and poor people lived, they knew they were facing this real crisis. And it took this president to declare that it is time to stop ignoring what is going on in south Chicago, in the Brownsville, in the Atlantas of our country. “

CNN predicted last week that Adams, the president of the Brooklyn borough, would be the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York. The retired New York Police Department captain, who throughout his campaign has touted his experience as a qualification to tackle the city’s spike in violent crime, told Tapper he supports an end to qualified immunity, protections afforded to police before civil courts, depending on the circumstances.

“I don’t think a policeman who does his job the way he’s been trained should be prosecuted. If he pursues an armed person who unloads a gun and that policeman unloads his gun and an innocent person is struck by this, this weapon, we should not have this officer open to trial, “he explained. “But when you look at a Floyd case where clearly the officer went beyond his area of ​​responsibility, that officer should be open to legal action.”

He continued, “I don’t think we should prosecute officers who do their job and some of the dangers of their jobs, but those who go outside of those boundaries and recklessly commit an act that causes life or serious injury, they should. be open to being sued personally. “

Talks among members of Congress over overhauling police laws are set to crumble amid division of law enforcement groups and as questions arise as to whether a deal can be concluded after exceeding two legislative deadlines. The issue of ending qualified immunity remains a key sticking point among lawmakers.

On the issue of gun control, Adams also said the focus should not only be on assault rifles, but also handguns.

“The number of those being killed by handguns is astronomical and if we don’t start having real federal legislation, matched to states and cities, we will never get this crisis to include control,” did he declare.

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