New 4-Year Legislative Maps Approved by Ohio Redistricting Committee After Lack of Consensus – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

COLUMBUS — On Saturday, the Ohio Redistricting Commission failed to reach the bipartisan consensus needed to adopt 10-year maps of state legislative districts.

However, the seven-member panel approved new cards along party lines just before Saturday’s deadline. This means the cards would be good for four years instead of the intended 10.

According to our partners at WBNS-TV, the Ohio Redistricting Commission adopted the Republican-drawn state legislative district maps by a 5-2 vote. The Ohio House map divided 57 districts Republicans into 42 Democratic districts, and the Senate map has divided 20 Republican districts into 13 Democratic districts.

This is the second time the committee has failed to reach an agreement.

Previously, we reported that the Supreme Court of Ohio said, “The majority of the Court ruled that the Legislature violated two provisions of Article XIX of the Ohio Constitution when it passed the bill. Senate Bill 258 in November 2021 by passing a congressional district plan that “unduly favors” the Republican Party and “unduly divides” government units into different congressional districts that would favor the Republican Party. »

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Congressional and district maps are governed by separate sections of the Ohio Constitution.

Separate sections of the Ohio Constitution govern congressional and district maps.

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