! Murcia Today – A politician from La Union took part in the illegal and polluting Mar Menor concert

Publication date: 08/26/2022

The PP adviser was the drummer of the band that played at the illegal concert

A councilor of the Ayuntamiento de La Unión, Ginés Guzmán, was one of the participants in the concert of illegal boats organized last Saturday in front of the Isla del Ciervo in the Mar Menor.

The party did not have a permit from the maritime captaincy of Cartagena to go ahead, but nevertheless Councilor Guzmán, who belongs to the conservative PP party, attended the event with dozens of other pleasure boats.

The counselor was there as the drummer for the band that played at the concert, La Unión band ‘El sitio de mi garaje’, along with the rest of the band.

Speaking to Spanish media, Guzmán explained that the concert was actually “a gathering of friends to celebrate a birthday with a few boats, which were joined by others, much to our surprise”.

He clarified that “there was no prior organization or call, not even informal”, and that they did not imagine “that playing music outdoors was not allowed”.

He also pointed out that “no fees were charged to play and no one was charged to attend, since it was just a gathering of a few friends.”

However, the party boat company Flippa Boat, which also participated in the boat rally, sold tickets to transport anyone who wanted to enjoy the concert for 25 euros per person.

El sitio de mi garaje performed a similar concert at the same venue on August 14 last year, which sparked outrage from environmental protection group SOS Mar Menor, just like this year.

SOS Mar Menor blamed the band and their drummer on social media for organizing the event days after the salt lagoon suffered an episode in which several fish died.

There has been controversy over how such an illegal concert could take place, not one but two consecutive years, despite all the supposed protections this area of ​​the Mar Menor lagoon is supposed to enjoy.

Capitanía Marítima continues its investigation to find out who was responsible and has insisted that this weekend it increases its presence in the Mar Menor to prevent any similar occurrence.

Image: Council of La Union

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