Meet the Mayoral Candidates, Burlington Council


The primaries for the mayoral and city council races in Burlington will take place on October 5, 2021. The top four council candidates and the top two mayoral candidates will go to the general election in November.

Residents, including Elon students, faculty and staff, who live in the Municipality of Burlington are eligible to vote in the October primary and November general elections. Residents can vote in advance, vote by mail or on polling day.

Ian baltutis

Incumbent Ian Batutis was first elected mayor of Burlington in 2015 and served three terms as mayor. In his campaign, Baltutis said he would continue to work on the key priorities he has held since his first run for mayor in 2013, including transport, employment equality, economic prosperity and the affordable housing.

“I entered politics with a very upturned attitude and getting the job done,” Baltutis said. “I focused on finding opportunities in our communities and then helping our community seize those opportunities and make things happen.”

Walter Boyd

Walter Boyd is a retired lawyer and resident of Burlington. Boyd attended Elon University, where he earned a degree in biology and chemistry, then attended George Washington University, where he earned a law degree.

Boyd did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Elon News Network.

Jim butler

Jim Butler is currently a member of Burlington City Council, having held that position since 2017. While on City Council, he imposed himself on issues related to the city’s growth, quality of life and quality of life. fiscal responsibility. He was born in Burlington and has been active in the community for over 25 years.

Butler did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Elon’s News Network.

Caleb massey

Caleb Massey, born and raised in Alamance County, is currently the funeral director at Lowe’s Funeral Home and is the founder of the non-profit Grace Hands. According to his campaign site, as mayor, Massey “will take a proactive, not reactive, approach to unite this community, increase economic opportunities in Burlington and make this city safer once again.”

Massey did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Elon News Network.

Donna Vanhook

Donna Vanhook is currently Associate Pastor with the Union Chapel United Church of Christ and is a Social Justice Fellow of the North Carolina Black Alliance. Vanhook said the main goals of his campaign were affordable housing and increased broadband access for students in Alamance County. Vanhook said she hopes to find ways to overcome and remove barriers to economic development if she is elected mayor.

“We know there are things that are built into every system historically,” Vanhook said. “I want to make sure others know it’s built into the system, and on top of that, we need to remove those barriers so that everyone has a chance to thrive.”

Candidates for Burlington City Council

Dejuana Bigelow

Dejuana Bigelow is currently the Patient Access Specialist at Cone Health. She said one of the main goals of her campaign was to advocate for affordable housing in Burlington. Bigelow hopes his platform for advocacy, representation and economic growth will encourage others to share their voices and gifts.

“I hope there will be children, especially minority children, who will see me fight and work to create a better Burlington,” Bigelow said.

Charlie beasley

Charlie Beasley is Deputy Director of Quality Assurance at Tempest Aero Group. Beasley said he hopes to address economic development, public safety and community engagement in his campaign for Burlington City Council. He hopes his campaign for Burlington City Council will help him address the socio-economic divide in Burlington.

“I think the biggest problem Burlington faces is socio-economic and finding people who are willing to come out of the community and sit on city council,” Beasley said.

Bob Byrd

Bob Byrd served on the Council of Commissioners from 2014 to 2018. Byrd’s primary focus in his campaign will be to bring economic growth to Burlington by increasing the city’s tax base and reducing taxes for small businesses. Another main goal of Byrd is to lobby for inclusion in the city and to work with anti-racist groups.

“My experiences in this community [are] very wide and very deep, ”Byrd said. “As a result of all this experience, I learned a lot about, and have already mentioned, how local government works and how to get things done.

Wendy jordan

Sergeant Wendy Jordan is now retired, but has served in law enforcement in Burlington for over 25 years as a detective dispatcher, community police officer and supervisor. Key elements of his campaign include reducing crime and improving the quality of life in particular areas of the city.

Jordan did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Elon News Network.

Harold Owen

Incumbent Harold Owen was first elected to Burlington City Council in 2017 and served as Burlington City Manager from 2002 to 2015. Key elements of Owen’s campaign for Burlington City Council include helping Burlington to recover economically from the COVID-19 pandemic and to address public safety concerns.

“As the [city] director, I literally had the opportunity to work in every community in the city. I think what I bring is I believe people trust me, because people know I’m here to try to help them, ”Owen said.

Ronnie’s wall

Ronnie Wall is currently a principal at Burlington School. He was previously mayor of Burlington. Prior to becoming mayor of Burlington, Wall served on city council from 2005 to 2007.

Wall did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Elon News Network.

Delaney Daniels, Joseph Navin, Gram Brownlee, Madalyn Howard, Kyra O’Connor, Miranda Ferrante and Gabriella Sable contributed to the reporting of this story.

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