May 2022 Voter’s Guide: What to Know About Candidates for Round Rock City Council, Place 2

In the race for Round Rock City Council, Place 2, incumbent Rene M. Flores takes on challenger Caitlin Leggett. (Courtesy of Pexels)

Several local races are held in Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto as part of the May 7 general election. They include races for the Round Rock Town Council, the Hutto ISD and Pflugerville ISD Boards of Directors and the Hutto Town Council.

In the race for Round Rock City Council, Place 2, there are two candidates. Incumbent Rene M. Flores runs against challenger Caitlin Leggett.

The interviews in the questions and answers section of this voter guide have been edited for length and clarity.

This May Voter’s Guide also contains important dates to know and voter turnout histories for key election years in Williamson County.

Dates to know

April 25: first day of early voting

April 26: Last day to request a mail-in ballot (received, unpostmarked)

May 3: last day of early voting

May 7: election day

May 7: Last day to receive ballot by mail (or May 9 if carrier envelope is postmarked by 7:00 p.m. at election location)

Historic turnout in Williamson County for May election

2016: 4.80%, 13,506 votes cast, 281,353 registered voters

2017: 9.71%, 25,429 votes cast, 261,880 registered voters

2018: 6.49%, 20,006 votes cast, 308,253 registered voters

2019: 8.35%, 19,411 votes cast, 232,452 registered voters

*2020: 75.64%, 291,013 votes cast, 385,065 registered voters

2021: 12.75%, 40,512 votes cast, 317,836 registered voters

*May elections postponed to November due to COVID-19

What will be your top priorities if elected?

I will continue to leverage local and regional road and infrastructure partnerships. I will remain focused on our city’s top priorities, including continued economic development, improving transportation and mobility options, and securing rights for future water needs. I will provide ongoing support to our police and fire departments. I will improve our Parks and Recreation facilities and offerings. I will maintain our community events and celebrations and work hard to preserve the quality of life we ​​have in this community.

How should Round Rock manage its continued growth?

Municipal leaders need to plan, prepare and understand that growth is going to happen. We need to review future land use plans, review existing transit programs, and secure access for future water needs as we reach full construction. We must work to attract complementary businesses to our community that offer strong earning potential to existing residents and our high school students who choose to enter the workforce immediately. We need to partner with other local communities on regional issues and challenges.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the city and how are you going to improve it?

We need to protect and preserve our existing water sources as well as plan for a complete construction of the future Round Rock. We are currently looking at water sources 25 or 30 years from now. We need to figure out how to leverage regional partners to seek collective solutions to benefit not only Round Rock, but residents of surrounding communities as well. The easy solutions are gone, and the complexes remain.

What will be your top priorities if elected?

I worry about our seniors and the pressure tax inequity puts on them. I want to review our assessment districts and cap tax increases for homeowners over 65. I am passionate about the future of our community. I believe that by creating opportunities for our young people, we can reduce petty crime and invest in our future. The longevity of our future depends on our ability to maintain our present and preserve our past.

How should Round Rock manage its continued growth?

The first and most important thing Round Rock must do is limit growth to what our infrastructure can support. Community development corporations must play an active role in contributing to the necessary adaptations that we must make, and they must be held financially responsible for any damage to our systems caused by failure to comply with the restrictions placed on them or by the negligence of their subcontractors.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the city and how are you going to improve it?

Round Rock follows the playbook Austin wrote, and it’s costing us our history, our diversity, and our identity. Our infrastructure is struggling, our citizens are being driven from their homes, and businesses are taking priority over people. Amid the fallout from Covid-19, our small businesses are struggling, but we are focused on advertising business window displays. I want to see “Made in Round Rock” stamped everywhere. Products, products, music and film.

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