Matthew McConaughey won’t run for Texas governor

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey
Photo: Noam Galai / Getty Images for HISTORY

He may be notoriously laid back, as comfortable relaxing on a beach as he is driving down an endless desert road in a big ugly Lincoln, but there seems to be a facet of Matthew McConaughey’s personality that the world does. hasn’t recognized yet: he’s not, apparently, a egotistical idiot who thinks that being famous makes him more special than everyone else.

He’s an Oscar winner! He’s paid millions of dollars to be in shit like The dark tower, and he always admits that doesn’t mean he’s better than us! He may even be aware that there are people who are better than him at certain things! Against all odds and unlike so many of his Hollywood colleagues, Matthew McConaughey might actually be a good person!

This fascinating revelation comes from a video McConaughey posted to social media last night, in which he announced that he will not be running for governor of Texas. Let him understand: he is a rich and famous celebrity with a certain interest in political causes, he must be motivated at least a little by people who tell him he is good (otherwise he would not be an actor) , and yet it is not will engage in the ultimate test of feeding his ego his success and popularity by running for office.

Discussions over McConaughey’s potential gubernatorial candidacy have turned serious earlier this year when he noted that he was really considering a campaign, noting at the time that he has “wisdom to share” with the general public and that there are “obvious” lessons he would like to teach young people from Texas.

In the Twitter video, however, McConaughey says that while this is “a humble and inspiring path to ponder,” he chooses to support organizations that “create pathways for people to be successful in life” and “have a mission. to serve and build confidence and dream ”rather than doing it all on his own with a race for governor.

It’s also worth pointing out that McConaughey’s specific political beliefs are still… a bit vague. He likes to say folkloric things about leading and serving the community and fixing broken things in our political systems, but feelings like that can mean completely different things when they come from the left or the right. But that’s the other bright side: No one has to worry about it now, and we can all go back to the easy life and drive our ugly Lincoln SUVs.

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