Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, to keep track of uncontested elections; Solution developed between 2 candidate judges

Lookout Mountain, Tn., will retain its spotless record of not contesting political contests. Current judge Flossie Weill and attorney Stevie Phillips Persinger had qualified for the position of city judge. However, a solution has been worked out.

They released a statement that neither “intended to stand in a contested election. The confusion arose from the truncated eight-year term following the death of the Honorable John Higgason in 2016.

“Justice Weill’s plan had always been to leave the bench when her current term expires. She and a number of other elected officials believed the eight-year term would end eight years after her 2016 mayoral election. It wasn’t until the last hour that everyone involved realized that in fact, the 2016 election was essentially serving Weill to serve out Justice Higgason’s original term that began in 2014. The Lookout Mountain Town Commission had previously appointed Justice Weill as acting judge.

Judge Weill said: “Once we both confirmed that this judgeship would be on the ballot this year along with other county municipal judgeships, we did not have time to talk before until the qualifying deadline is upon us. We finally got together after each submitting our names to think about how we could move forward together while keeping the focus on the real work at hand rather than the election campaign.

Attorney Persinger said she never intended to campaign against Judge Weill for the judgeship. “There are few attorneys more respected in our community than Flossie Weill,” said attorney Persinger, “and she is a tremendous asset to the town of Lookout Mountain.”

The respect is mutual, as Judge Weill said “without a doubt Stevie has all the experience and demeanor necessary to serve with distinction as a judge in our city.” Acknowledging that her term is coming to an end, Justice Weill announced, “I am delighted to lend my full support to Stevie Phillips Persinger as the city’s next judge. »

Judge Weill withdrew his motion and invited attorney Persinger to observe him on the bench until Judge Weill’s term expires in August. “Few judges have the opportunity to learn from their predecessors. I look forward to spending this time with her. And, thanks to her, I will be ready to start if I am elected in August,” said lawyer Persinger.

Justice Weill stressed that she appreciates the honor of serving her elected term as a judge alongside a dedicated staff. She said she was grateful for the opportunity to interact with citizens, law enforcement and attorneys who appeared in court.

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