Liz Truss thinks train drivers earn more than politicians

Liz Truss seems unaware of her generous income and thinks she might enjoy it better if she were a train conductor.

Asked by journalist Sebastian Payne what careers she would consider if she weren’t a politician in the latest round of leadership contests at Exeter, the favorite paused to think and a member of the public shouted, ” train driver” as the audience laughed.

No, we don’t understand conservative comedy either.

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“Believe me, it would be less stress and probably more money too,” she replied.

Would it be? Hmm…

Basic fact check: MPs earn around £84,000 for their role. And According to the Institute for Governmentcabinet ministers can receive an additional £71,673 for their additional responsibilities.

Train drivers, meanwhile, earn between £24,000 and £65,000, according to the government’s own figures – so even at the higher end of the scale, stay away from Truss bags.

Anyway, it’s not like she’s a woman who wants to preside over the whole country or anything…

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