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Vote no to the recall,
yes on Paffrath

Democrats, Independents and responsible Republicans must do two things with their recall ballots: vote no on the recall, and then vote for Democratic candidate Kenneth Paffrath in the slim chance that Gov. Gavin Newsom is recalled.

The worst would be for a right-wing Republican like Larry Elder to become governor. The damage to the state could be devastating: a wave of infections and deaths in the delta, economic upheaval, a ban on local school districts from requiring masks to protect children, restricted women’s rights, increased gun violence, repealed minimum wage law, more mega-droughts, water shortages and horrific forest fires.

By voting no on the dismissal and voting for Kenneth Paffrath, the worst of all possible options will not happen: our great state is up against a disastrous right-wing Republican governor.

Governor Newsom does a great job and deserves our vote of confidence. Thank you for taking the time to vote.

Peter Wiesick

Defective recall system
overturns majority rule

On page 6 of the Recall Election Guide for Governor, we are told: “the replacement candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected for the remainder of the governor’s term”.

Voters should be concerned about this clause. In high school civics class, we learned that a Republican form of government is both representative and majority. If the governor is removed because he was rejected by the voters, he can be replaced by a candidate receiving less than 50% of the vote, a candidate who was rejected by the majority of the voters.

There are places in the world where a few, rather than many, determine who will take the job, but this is not one of them. We the voters must insist that any replacement candidate receive more than 50% of the votes cast and that the California State Legislature correct this flawed procedure.

Edward McCaskey

Infecting others exceeds
individual liberty

Republicans annoy me. They claim personal freedom when it comes to wearing a mask and don’t think the government should control them. This statement is from candidate Caitlin Jenner. But this logic does not extend to abortion, where they want to deny women the same right to make an even more personal decision. Both are personal and a decision that should be made by the individual, his doctor and his God. You can’t have both.

The difference is that not wearing a mask is not only personal, but can affect, and even kill, others in the presence of those who deny the science. It’s a pandemic. You can make some temporary adjustments due to the severity of the consequences. One of the characteristics of human beings is believed to be their ability to adapt to new situations. Vote NO in the recall election.

Jim cauble

Enough false outrage
on Afghanistan

The Trump administration negotiated a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban in February 2020 that excluded the Afghan government, freed 5,000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers and set a certain date of May 1, 2021 for the final withdrawal.

And the Trump administration stuck to the pact, reducing the number of U.S. troops from around 13,000 to 2,500, even as the Taliban continued to attack Afghan government forces and welcomed al Qaeda terrorists into the area. leadership of the Taliban.

There was no outrage back then, but all of a sudden it wasn’t America first. It’s like people think wars can be packed in cute little boxes and sent home.

About 70,000 people were evacuated as of August 25 and now people are outraged that some Afghan allies may come to the United States.

Trump said America first and we can’t stay there forever. Biden does and people are outraged. Stop with the false indignation.

Larry Bilse
American canyon

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