LETTER: Back Haderlein for Congress | Letters

In the Sept. 8 Pantagraph article on Darin LaHood and funding to support improvements to the ISU School of Nursing and College Avenue, it was stated that LaHood had no Democratic opponents in the general election ballot. of November. There is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congressional District 16 from Illinois. This is Elizabeth “Lisa” Haderlein from McHenry.

Please check Ballotpedia by entering your address, or check with your specific election authority, McLean County Clerk, or Bloomington Board of Elections for information about your district and sample ballots available soon. The Congressional District lines have been redrawn and most of McLean County is now in Congressional District 16.

Early voting begins on September 29 and postal voting can be requested now (sent from September 29). It is now possible in Illinois to request a permanent vote by mail. Please visit your electoral authority’s website or complete the form mailed to you.

This was also interestingly reported in the Pantagraph article: LaHood “highlighted a number of other federal victories, including passing the CHIPS Act,” which he incidentally voted against.

Do your research and vote to support the candidate who will honestly and compassionately stand up for democracy and justice for all.

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