Let’s all vote. “Bad politicians win elections because good people decide not to vote.”


Over the past week, I have noticed some voter apathy in Passaic County, but most notably Paterson. I want to encourage everyone to vote by Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

We have the right to be disappointed and to vote anyway. We have the right to be angry and to vote anyway. We have the right to demand change and to vote anyway because our vote is our voice.

When you choose not to vote, you allow those who rely on you not to vote to retain their seats perpetually. In other words; bad politicians win elections because good people decide not to vote.

We must not let our fate for who is in power deter us from voting. There is a solution, and that is to vote for someone else if you see fit. But I implore you to exercise your right to vote because it is a right that you should not voluntarily abdicate.

There is too much at stake for us to sit at home and not vote. We must strive to use our collective electoral power to make the necessary changes that we want to see in our communities.

Our ancestors (not all, but many) suffered and even died trying to vote in the South. This is not an unproven hypothesis. My great-grandfather died just steps from a voting booth in Alabama in 1957 despite the passing of a law in 1870 that “allowed” black men to vote without being targeted.

New Jersey was one of the last states to abolish slavery; read that again. Let’s face it, and we have the power if and when we choose to use it. Don’t be put off by the naysayers. If we want things to change, we can change things.

I am confident that we will get to where we want to be, but it will take the collective efforts of the entire community to get there. So, by November 2, 2021, take the vote!

Written by Corey Teague, School Board Member.

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