Laxman Godara, the young politician is an inspiration to the youth

When it comes to commitment and sincerity, Laxman Godara is a name that strikes a chord with hundreds. This young politician is a man who has the ability to turn things around with his liveliness and skill.

A great planner that is Laxman Godara, he is credited with devising an infallible plan to create a strategy for Congress in the last legislative elections which he undoubtedly succeeded. Likewise, he came up with a perfect coordination plan for Ludhiana during Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s recent virtual rally.

Don’t miss the humility with which this young leader wins the hearts of every individual he comes in contact with.

Another trait that makes this young man different from others is his benevolence as he is always more than willing to help others especially those in need. He has a special place for the simple-minded in rural areas, as it has been observed many times, that he goes out of his way to help people in villages who are not street smart.

More importantly, Laxman Godara has a knack for motivating youngsters which goes a long way in pointing the right direction to those who are distracted. For him, this is the greatest service to society as he strongly believes that youth is the backbone of every nation.

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