Lawmakers say new congressional districts are proof Texas is growing


SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – The lines are drawn, only one signature remains for the new Texas Congressional Districts to come into effect.

“I wish I could wave a magic wand and continue to represent everyone that I have been over the past year, but unfortunately the reality is not,” said Congressman Pat Fallon.

Texas lawmakers have completed their top priority for the third special session, redistribution.

“The population just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I guess everyone is going in that direction as people come this way,” said Aldo Lopez, resident of Grayson County.

It’s based on data from the 2020 census, and Texomans are taking note of the growth.

“I’m not necessarily against it, but I’m not really happy, because there are more and more people here and I don’t know if we are growing up fast enough to support these people”, Gloria, resident of Grayson County. Retan said.

California and New York have lost one district each in United States House.

Texas had two more, the only state to have more than one.

“The people of California are the majority over there and go crazy coming this way, so I guess it’s cheaper who knows they’re just trying to get there that way,” Lopez said.

Rep. Fallon represents the Texoma area, he said he liked the new way the lines are drawn, even if it means losing some of his counties.

“It is clearly sad to see some of the counties in our eastern part of the district leaving and moving to other districts, I was delighted to see Grayson and Fannin and Lamar County and all the counties that remained,” he said. said Rep. Fallon.

The bill sits on Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk, waiting to be signed.

It would go into effect for the next primary in March, just in time for people to vote for their new representative from the United States.

“Happy to represent the district as it has just been drawn,” said Rep. Fallon.

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