LAUTECH doctors on strike after politician allegedly assaulted colleague


The management of Ladoke Akintola University Hospital in Ogbomoso accused a politician, Femi Onireti, of ordering his supporters to beat up a doctor on duty at the hospital.

The hospital said in a statement on Tuesday from its spokesperson, Omotayo Ogunleye, that due to the alleged assault on the doctor whose name he refused to name, his colleagues had gone on an indefinite strike until that Onireti apologize to the victim and to the hospital. .

He said Onireti, who is a leader of the People’s Democratic Party, came to the hospital and started ordering the doctor on duty to put his relative who was admitted to the accident and emergency department on oxygen and take him to the intensive care unit.

Management said Onireti’s assistants believed a doctor was filming their benefactor’s unruly action. The assistants then pounced on the doctor and beat him.

The management said, “While condemning the way the politician interferes with the management of the patient who was brought to the hospital for medical treatment, the management noted that such an act would not be tolerated.

“The politician was ordering doctors to put his patient on oxygen and also ordered that he be taken to the intensive care unit. The politician, with the help of his aides, ran into a doctor, a hospital staff member, believing the doctor was filming their evil demonstrations in the A&E section of the hospital.

“Due to the assault on Mr. Onireti and his assistants, doctors at the hospital went on an indefinite strike until an apology was presented to the hospital and the phones seized from the victim by the politician and his assistants be rendered, “said management.

But Onireti, while reacting to the allegation in a statement released on his behalf by media consultant Busayo Olawoyin, the PDP chief said he did not beat any doctors or ask his assistants to do so.

He said the patient, Olatunde Iyanda, ultimately died of neglect and instead of allowing him to mourn the death of his political ally, he was accused of hooliganism.

He said he went to the A&E ward to see Iyanda and observed that the patient was having difficulty breathing. Onireti said he caught the attention of the doctor on duty and put him on oxygen, but there was no response as the doctor on duty was overwhelmed.

He said he also requested that the patient be taken to a private intensive care unit, but was told the intensive care unit was not functioning.

He added that a doctor was playing with his phone while this was happening and his assistants observed that the doctor was probably registering him and the patient and they visited him.

He admitted that a concussion had erupted and that it was resolved almost immediately. He said the doctors’ strike action was blackmail.

He said: “When we should be considering a hospital negligence of duty litigation resulting in the death of a PDP ward president, we are harassed by assault allegations.

“We are told that the whole hospital started the strike because ‘Femi Onireti supervised the beating of a doctor’, thus predisposing other patients to danger. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? It looks like blackmail with the contribution of the fifth columnists.

“We believe that the health of patients should be more important than any alleged defect in Onireti. He was on the verge of losing a dear party leader, the emotion was high at the time and everyone was in panic mode. He cannot be held responsible for such an offense.

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