Lance Roberts: FACL holds politicians accountable


There have been some interesting developments in the broken minority caucus at Alaskan House. It’s supposed to be the Conservative caucus, but only a few hold the line. These developments culminated in an Alaska Republican Party resolution that set the stage to purge true conservatives (those who do something, not just those who speak conservatively) from the party. Here is what happened.

The House was debating next year’s budget indoors. As usual, there were many amendments to be made. Conservatives are usually voted down by the Democrat/Rino majority, but sometimes to play Conservative for their districts some of the libs will vote yes on one and it will cross the line. This year, a new liberal pattern has emerged from those in the minority who do not stand firm on conservative principles.

A number of amendments were made by conservatives who were pro-life, pro-gun, and even an anti-vax mandate. A pair of fake Tories did something never seen before where they voted to table these amendments. This is the way to kill an amendment without it being discussed and voted on. Instead of letting the Democrats vote against it and take the hit, they did the Democrats’ dirty work for them. After their constituents let them down, informed about the parody of Alaska Right to Life and Alaska Gun Rights, they excused themselves by saying they didn’t think “intent” language should be in the budget. Two things about it:

  1. Intent language has always been in the budget, it’s part of how the legislator directs the money spent.
  2. They never removed the Democrats’ intent language, they only blocked any conservative intent language from being inserted into the bill that would have protected lives, gun rights, and medical freedom.

Bad lawmakers have doubled down and attacked the state’s most conservative groups for educating their constituents about their tactics. One, the most outspoken, Big Lake’s Kevin McCabe even gave a speech in the House calling a staff member corrupt for being involved with both groups.

All of this then culminated in the 2022 Alaska Republican Party State Convention. A surprise resolution was mooted at the very end with no time to really digest it. He attacked the group Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL), a large political organization that passed or abolished countless laws across the country and helped many good conservatives get elected. After a few lies, the resolution finally came to say

“Therefore, be it resolved that no financial support or party endorsement, from any part of AKGOP, be given to candidates who practice the Foundation’s blatant and divisive militant principles and processes for leadership. preservative applied. “

Let me tell you what the number one principle the FACL teaches is: informing voters about how their officials vote. Yes, that’s all that happened and that’s what they want to stop. They don’t want anyone telling their constituents what they’re doing in the Juneau bubble. They declared publicly before voting in view of the election, not to support the conservative principles on which they campaigned.

So what does this lead to? Well, we now have a cardholder protection program. Since any challenger will want to take on their opponent’s case, but that’s an FACL technique, the incumbent can try to stop their support for their party. It opens up a new McCarthyism, where you can be targeted because you stand firm on your beliefs and tell people what a legislator actually does. It is also very subjective and ill-defined, and will only intensify divisions within the party.

I have taken many FACL courses myself and find them to be the best for actually teaching you how politics works. The responses of these bad legislators are exactly what I was taught they would face with their votes.

I, myself, will hold more classes in Alaska and continue to let people know how their legislators voted, and if that means I have to lose party support because of my principles, then I’ll live with that. At least I can live with myself, knowing that I’m letting people know what’s really going on. While most readers won’t get involved in the details, I would just ask you to support proven Conservative candidates who are trying every day to get good bills and amendments passed, like the two directly targeted by this action, David Eastman and Chris Kurka.

Lance Robert is an engineer who was born and raised in Fairbanks and is a former member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly.

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