Khursheed slams ‘politician-bashers’ – Newspaper

LAHORE: Federal Water Resources Minister Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah has criticized those, especially the media, for holding politicians responsible for the whole mess in the country.

“My question to media presenters and analysts is this: why hold the politicians, who have ruled the country for 35 years, solely accountable. If you do our responsibility, you must do the same with those who ruled for 40 years,” he lamented during a ceremony at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Saturday.

He also regretted the waste of water worth $10-15 billion each year by a country seeking a $2 billion loan from the IMF. Mr Shah said no country could progress by ignoring the constitution and the rule of law. But, he regretted, Pakistan was not being run according to the constitution. “These days, even court decisions are not made in accordance with the constitution and the law. It is really damaging for our country,” the minister lamented.

Says that the organs of the state must work within the framework of the constitution

He said that all institutions including parliament, judiciary and establishment will have to play their part in doing their job in their fields.

Talking about the floods, he said 40% more rain is forecast in Sindh and Balochistan and all arrangements have been made as per forecast. “But there were 700% more rains than last year which caused great hardship. In such a situation, what can the government do,” he wondered. hydel, he said his ministry has identified up to 70 points where hydroelectric projects of 5 to 25 MW can be launched and completed within three years.

The minister informed the business community that the water capacity of Pakistan is 140 million acre-feet but the storage capacity is only 13 MAF. Infrastructure, he said, is being built to increase storage capacity from 14 to 15 MAF.

Speaking on the occasion, LCCI Chairman Mian Nauman Kabir said that given the floods, more and more dams should be built without further delay. “Look at Iran saving water from artificial lakes while we waste it in the sea,” he added.

Earlier, the Minister, addressing senior Wapda officials during his visit to Wapda House on Saturday, stressed the importance of dam construction.

Wapda Chairman, Retired Lieutenant General Sajjad Ghani briefed the Federal Minister on the grim water situation in Pakistan.

He also briefed the minister on the negative impact of the recent floods on the construction sites of the Dasu hydroelectric project and the Mohmand dam.

The President said that every effort is being made to resume construction activities on these projects as soon as possible by developing an effective strategy.

Posted in Dawn, September 4, 2022

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