Jan Kulmann is running to represent the 8th Congressional District

Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann, a Republican, jumped into the crowded 8th Congressional District primary.

“I’m an oil and gas engineer, mayor and mom,” Kulmann said in a written statement announcing her candidacy Tuesday morning. “Solving problems is what I do. But I also know that sometimes you have to stand up and fight. America is so much better than what we have become. Now is the time to elect an outsider who gets results.

State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer and Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine were already running in the Republican primary to represent the newly created district that stretches from the northeastern suburbs of Denver to Greeley.

The 8th District race could be one of the most competitive US House contests in the country next year. The result can determine which party controls Congress.

Democrats appear to have a slight advantage in the district.

Kulmann was criticized last year for taking a taxpayer-funded trip to Washington to attend a White House event hosted by then-first lady Melania Trump.

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Kulmann, when she was acting mayor of Thornton, was pursued by anti-fracking activists whom she blocked on social media. The case was settled for $ 30,000 and she agreed to release the activists.

Prior to being elected mayor in 2019, Kulmann served on Thornton City Council. She was also a member of the board of directors of a charter school.

In 2016, while serving on city council, Kulmann survived an attempted recall launched by critics of the oil and gas industry.

Despite her political background, Kulmann describes herself as “a foreigner who gets results”.

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On the Democratic side of the race to represent the 8th constituency, the candidates so far are:

Humphrey entered the race last week. He has never held an elected office before and describes himself as a moderate. (Read more about Humphrey in The Unaffiliated newsletter.)

The Republican side of the race also includes:

  • Giuliana “Jewels” Gray, Wedding Photographer
  • Ryan Gonzalez, whose LinkedIn profile says he’s a banker

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