Ivan Begic leaked video of Reddit politician Luka, viral clip leaving Twitter outraged

VIDEO: Ivan Begic leaked video of Luka, a Reddit politician, viral clip leaves Twitter outraged: Politicians and celebrities always stay in the city’s discourse and especially politicians who get attention most of the time because of their bad deeds. As public figures, they have to pay attention to their image and social media which has allowed several people to increase their notoriety and popularity, this has also resulted in the accession of cybercrime. Several online crimes are filed every day, which emerges from one individual or sometimes from several as well. In this blog, we share the information of one such thing where someone intentionally surfaced the video footage of Ivan Begic, politician Luka. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Ivan Begic Leaked Video

Now video has gone viral mad on the web and has garnered a lot of attention from internet users. Ivan Begic has inhabited all the major trends on social networks because one of his videos has gone viral on the web. He has become the subject of heated debate among social media users who circulate his videos. The general public is shocked to hear the news as Ivan happens to be a famous and well-known public figure. However, few details of the leaked video have emerged, it is said to feature inappropriate material that has put the politician’s reputation in the spotlight. However, Ivan also spoke about the matter and explained how he was blackmailed.

Ivan Begic leaked video explained

The politician said oppositions used his leaked videos to defame his position, reputation and name in politics. He mentioned that the situation had worsened and that it could be really horrible. Apart from this, it appears that the video was leaked to the media in Herzegovina and Bosina and to several media figures, reporters and journalists. Now he’s been in the online rage since morning and got Ivan into controversy. Ivan Begic has revealed that his non-public video was made public after threatening, harassing and blackmailing him for months. He shared that the video was posted by his opponents.

Ivan later mentioned that the viral video was first sent to his parents and called it a bad habit of politicians. Speaking of the video, apart from Ivan Begic, the other the faces of the individuals are not clearly visible. Although it is assumed that the 2nd personality is none other than the mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic. Nevertheless, it is still not confirmed. Currently, the video is circulating on private chats and other social media platforms. We will update more about the viral video after we get some reliable information about it.

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