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Bathinda: A number of villages have placed banners at their entrances announcing the entry ban of political leaders, but two of these hamlets in the Budhlada block of Mansa district have gone further.
The gram panchayats of Hero Khurd village and Kulrian village have passed resolutions prohibiting the entry of any politician into the villages or even maintaining ties with any of them. In Hero Khurd, the panchayat adopted the resolution in writing, while the Kulrian panchayat adopted the resolution orally.
In its resolution, the Hero Khurd panchayat warned residents of a social boycott and a fine of 5,000 rupees if they campaign for a political leader or call them for electoral purposes. In another resolution, the panchayat asked residents to obey the list of tasks assigned to attend the agricultural protest at the Delhi borders. If a person violates her for no reason, they will also have to pay the fine.
A meeting of the locals was called in Kulrian, where the secretary general of the Punjab Union bloc Kisan Budhlada, Babbu Singh, asked for their opinion on the ban on the entry of politicians into the villages and the residents gave their consent by voice vote. They even asked the union to put up banners announcing it at all entry points to the village.
Sources said the decisions were taken under pressure from farmer organizations, as state assembly elections are less than six months away.
Sarpanch Jugraj Singh, Hero Khurd, said the panchayat unanimously decided not to engage in political relations with political parties for the elections until the demands of farmers’ organizations were met. “We have asked residents to stay away from politicians and attend the protest at the Delhi border or they may have to pay fines,” he said.
Sarpanch Kulrian Rajvir Singh said the decision was made only after consulting all residents.
We learn that panchayats from other villages are also ready to adopt similar resolutions in Mansa.
“No request from SKM”
Chief farmers ‘leader Ruldu Singh Mansa said he was briefed on the panchayats’ action, but Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) called on farmers not to engage in such things and only protest against the BJP. “They were asked to question political leaders when they visit the villages,” he said.
“I cannot adopt such a resolution”
A government official who declined to be quoted said that no village panchayat was allowed to pass a resolution that violated the spirit of the Constitution and an individual’s basic rights.


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