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NORTH ADAMS – A month after the city’s mayor was elected, Jennifer Macksey is leading the fundraiser of approximately $ 8,000.

Macksey and Lynette Bond, winners in the September preliminary elections, are vying for mayor in the November general election – and the winner will become the first woman to hold that position in the city.

How much each candidate raised: In late September, Macksey raised $ 28,922 and Bond $ 20,580, according to documents filed with the state’s Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Bond’s money includes a $ 1,000 donation she made to her campaign, and Macksey’s includes $ 1,655 in donations she made.

Where does the money come from: A total of 293 donations were made to the Macksey’s campaign, and 90 were made to Bond’s.

Both campaigns received donations from municipal authorities.

Councilor Keith Bona donated $ 200 to the Bond campaign and Councilor Peter Oleskiewicz contributed $ 100. Paul Hopkins, a former city council chairman who left the panel this spring, donated $ 51.99 to Bond.

Mayor Tom Bernard’s campaign donated $ 100 to Bond’s campaign, a move he said he made. In Bernard’s previous mayoral campaign fundraising account, he still had $ 11,764 as of August 31, according to OCPF documents. That money can be donated to charity or kept in the account for any future job applications, he said.

“I haven’t made a decision in which direction I’m going to go,” said Bernard.

Recently resigned city councilor Marie Harpin donated $ 100 to Macksey’s campaign. Planning board member Kyle Hanlon donated $ 50 and John Franzoni, superintendent of the North Berkshire School Union, where Macksey works, donated $ 25.

A complete list of donors and the amounts they donated are available on the OCPF website.

What the candidates have to say: Bond said she was “quite happy with the fundraiser.

“I’m sure campaign members will continue to raise awareness for more campaign funding,” Bond said. She has a fundraising spaghetti dinner scheduled for Thursday.

In votes and donations, Macksey said, “I am very excited about the support I have received.”

His lead in fundraising reflects his victory in the preliminary elections. She received the most votes, with 802; Bond got 611, according to unofficial results from the city clerk‘s office.

Macksey pointed out that most of his contributions – 225 of the 293 donations – came from townspeople, and 44 of Bond’s 90 donations came from townspeople.

One donor who donated to Macksey did not include his city, and six who donated to Bond did not include a city.

Of those who registered their city, Macksey’s campaign received $ 19,455 from residents of North Adams and $ 9,447 from out-of-city donors. Bond’s campaign received $ 9,940 from residents of North Adams and $ 10,486 from out-of-town donors, not including those who did not register their town.

General elections are scheduled for November 2.

Francesca Paris de l’Aigle contributed to this report.

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