Here are the four Republican candidates running in the race for Texas’ 1st Congressional District

TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Four Republican candidates are vying for the recently vacated spot of former Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Joe McDaniel, John Porro, Nathaniel Moran and Aditya Atholi are ready for Tuesday’s primary elections. They hope to represent East Texas in Washington and are running for US House District One.

Here is what some of the congressional candidates feel they can bring to Congress:

“My life experience prepared me for Congress because I understand what middle-class voters think and feel and I also understand how to articulate that to the white-collar class,” Aditya Atholi said.

Nathaniel Moran mentioned that it is important to be strong.

“We had tough issues in Smith County. We were able to work through these issues by making grounded decisions, building good relationships and working together, but never straying from our principles (and) standing firm and firm when necessary,” said Moran.

John Porro said his skills will help him as a leader.

“I responded to 9/11, so all of these varied experiences in business, leadership, health care and education, I think those are all key questions about what’s going on in Congress,” Porro said.

The candidates said they are ready to work for the priorities of many East Texans.

“Our healthcare system has multiple unintended consequences. That’s why for me it’s the first priority to settle for East Texas,” Atholi said.

Another issue that congressional candidates are focusing on is migration.

“We have to solve our illegal immigration problem. We need to improve border security. We need to complete the wall and make sure our border is secure not only from an immigration perspective, but also from a national security perspective,” Moran said.

As we get closer to Election Day, these candidates are working hard to get your vote. People can go to the polls on March 1.

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