Group plans platform to track politicians’ campaign promises

A group, “No Excuses 2023 Nigerians”, is set to launch a platform to hold publicly elected officials accountable for their post-election campaign promises. Its organizer, Tom E. Obulu, said the platform would be unveiled after the party’s primary.

In a statement he signed yesterday, Obulu said that “No Excuses 2023 Nigerians” is a civic platform for social mobilization of voters, mobilization for good governance and search for a good presidential candidate who will provide the seven wonders of democracy. to Nigerian citizens without any excuse.
Obulu mentioned the seven wonders of democracy as follows: “Good elections, good freedom of speech, good human rights, good rule of law, good fight against corruption, good infrastructure and good security”.

He added, “It is a slogan campaign from the comfort of our homes, offices, farms, streets, etc., that will occupy the media space.

“This country has been ruled for 62 years with a catalog of excuses; so from 2023, no Nigerian citizen will accept any other excuses.
He said the aim is to promote good practical governance and support those who have the potential to deliver such good governance and bring about the changes we urgently need.


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