Group of Democrats withdraws petitions for county races | Local News

The first batch of Democratic candidates were among those who launched petitions last week to run in the Williamson County primary on May 3.

Williamson County Commission District 1 candidate Larhonda J. Williams was the first Democrat to start a petition in a county race when she did so Jan. 27. She was followed the next day by District 11 County Commission nominee Johnna D. Carter-Haynes and County Clerk nominee Andrew D. Becker. Courtenay D. Rogers and James K. Townsend, both candidates for District 10 County Commission seat, and District 12 County Commission candidate Erin Crawford joined District 10 School Board candidate, Jennifer Haile, to withdraw the petitions on January 31.

Williamson County Democratic Party Chair Jenn Foley previously told the Herald that party candidates would withdraw petitions as a group.

“The Williamson County Democratic Party represents more than 50,000 Democrats throughout Williamson County who deserve to be heard,” she said in a statement released Monday. “It’s time to accelerate our progress locally and across the state of Tennessee in recruiting and supporting candidates.”

On the Republican side, Mary Smith and H. Evan Bledsoe started petitions to run for District 5 County Commission headquarters, Andrew P. Torres started a petition for District 8 County Commission and Shauna Graham for the district 8 school board.

The Williamson County GOP will host a Leadership Institute campaign boot camp Feb. 10-12.

Independents who withdrew petitions last week included Tom Atema (District 4 County Commission) and Kenneth M. Chilton (District 8 School Board).

Here are the candidates who have filed petitions in each race so far:

Circuit Court Judge – 21st Judicial District, Division I

Joseph “Woody” Woodruff (petition filed December 20, 2021)

Circuit Court Judge – 21st Judicial District, Division II

Deana C. Hood (petition filed January 4)

Shane K. McNeill

Circuit Court Judge – 21st Judicial District, Division III

Michael W. Binkley (petition filed December 21, 2021)

Circuit Court Judge – 21st Judicial District, Division IV

Deanna Bell Johnson (petition filed December 22, 2021)

juvenile judge

Sharon Guffee (petition filed December 29, 2021)

District Attorney General, 21st Judicial District

Kim R. Helper (petition filed January 5)

Public Defender, 21st Judicial District

Greg Burlison (petition filed January 4)

County Mayor

Rogers C. Anderson (petition filed December 20, 2021)

District 1 County Commission

Dwight “Bubba” Jones

Ricky D. Jones (petition filed January 27)

Larhonda J. Williams

District 2 County Commission

Allen (Drell) Floyd (petition filed December 28, 2021)

Judy Lynch Herbert (petition filed January 14)

Elizabeth “Betsy” Hester (petition filed January 31)

Andy Moriarty (petition filed January 26)

District 3 County Commission

Jeff Graves (petition filed January 3)

Jennifer Moore Mason (petition filed January 5)

District 4 County Commission

Tom Atema

Gregg B.Lawrence

Pete Stresser (petition filed January 31)

District 5 County Commission

Robin Baldree (petition filed January 28)

H. Evan Bledsoe

Mary Smith

Tommy Small

Greg Sanford

Rob Verell

District 6 County Commission

Erin Nations

Paul L. Webb (petition filed January 19)

District 7 County Commission

Bert Chalfant (petition filed January 28)

Christopher S. Richards (petition filed January 31)

Tom Tunnicliffe

District 8 County Commission

Jerry W. Rainey

bearded sturgeon

Andrew P. Torres

District 9 County Commission

Chas Morton

matt williams

District 10 County Commission

Meghan Guffee (petition filed January 31)

David Landrum (petition filed December 30, 2021)

Courtenay D.Rogers

James K. Townsend

Ned Williams

District 11 County Commission

Sean R. Aiello (petition filed January 18)

Brian Beathard (petition filed January 21)

Johnna D. Carter-Haynes

District 12 County Commission

Brian Clifford

Erin Crawford

John Dillon

Steve Smith (petition filed January 27)

Jennifer Swaim

General Sessions Judge Part I

Denise André (petition filed on January 5

General Sessions Judge Part II

Tom Taylor (petition filed January 20)

Circuit Court Clerk

Debbie McMillan Barrett (petition filed December 28, 2021)

Youth court clerk

Margaret Gurley Mahew (petition filed January 13)


Karen Paris (petition filed December 21, 2021)


Dusty Rhoades (petition filed December 28, 2021)

County Clerk

Andrew D. Becker

Glen Casada (petition filed January 28)

Jeff Whidby (petition filed December 22, 2021)

Register of deeds

Sherry Anderson (petition filed December 21, 2021)

District 2 School Board

Dan Cash

District 4 School Board

Josh Brown

District 6 School Board

Jay Galbreath (petition filed January 25)

Kristan A. Bidinger

District 8 School Board

Kenneth M. Chilton

Donna O. Clements

Shauna Graham

District 10 School Board

Jennifer Haile

Guy Powell

District 12 School Board

Nancy Nelson Garrett (petition filed January 31)

Franklin Special School District Board

Robin B. Newman

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