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He has served on several committees as an MP and was Deputy House Leader in 2017.

Born in Big Meadow and raised on a farm near Debolt, Warkentin studied business and marketing at the Big Meadow Regional college.

“The top priority for our party, and for me personally, is to rebuild the local, provincial and national economy,” Warkentin said.

“The only way to replenish an individual’s finances is to create jobs and ensure that people have well-paying and well-paying jobs that will lead to growth, prosperity and opportunity for people everywhere. the land of peace and throughout the province, and country. “

“The government can only spend the money it makes, and the government should not be providing additional funds by raising taxes at a time when Canadians can least afford to pay higher taxes.

“We need a government that will truly support the industry that recognizes its importance and that sells the merits of the industry and the product that we produce here in the province of Alberta, around the world, because we know that there is no other country. that produces energy in a way that protects the environment as well as us, or protects the human rights of those who work in the industry.

Warkentin said the Conservative Party will work with the United States to ensure it comes to Canada for its oil and gas needs before OPEC or any other foreign oil.

“An election will give people this outlet, this opportunity, to make their voices heard to ensure that Justin Trudeau understands that he is putting the country on the wrong track and that it is time to bring Canada back to a place of stability.” fiscal. , a place where we see a conservative government that will advance the interests of places like the land of peace.

Maverick Party – Ambrose Ralph

Ambrose Ralph is a candidate for the Maverick Party, a party that hopes to attract more representatives from Western Canada to Ottawa.

Ralph, a Big Meadow resident, is an army veteran and an oil gas worker; it is the first time that he has entered the political ring.

“I have been a political activist since December 27, 2018,” said Ralph.

He ran an oil and gas company with about 100 employees and the vice president told him they should cut costs.

“Frustrated, I sat down and had never had any social media back then, but I had a LinkedIn account, so I wrote a short letter. I posted it on my LinkedIn account, and it went viral, so a few friends convinced me to take this editorial and put it in a video, ”he said.

The video has gained around a million views, he said. He then launched a platform of political activists called “Alberta to the point” where he advocates for Alberta oil and gas, pipelines and how the West is treated.

“We (the Maverick Party) think we should at least try to get a fair deal within Confederation, we should try to open up the constitution and get a fair deal for our western citizens.

“If this fair deal is not possible in our own country, then the writing is on the wall and Western Canada must leave Canada,” Ralph said.

“I don’t mean to say that we are abandoning Canada,” he explains, “Canada would have abandoned us.

“We are preserving the values ​​that are so dear to us in Canada, right here in Alberta.

“So we’re not necessarily going to leave Canada; we’re going to preserve what’s left of Canada.

Ralph has said he doesn’t think that one or even a group of Mavericks going to Ottawa will change the world.

If elected, says Ralph, “this will be the first time in Canadian history that an MP who supports a possible path to sovereignty has not been elected in Canada outside the province of Quebec.

Ralph doesn’t care about dividing the Conservative vote in his riding.

“If there was a possibility of a split vote in this area, I wouldn’t run.

“If there was a possibility that a Liberal would win this riding, I would not run.”

People’s Party of Canada – Shawn McLean

Shawn McLean, a resident of the Sexsmith area, is a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada.

McLean works as an instrumentation technician for a pipeline company, and this is his first foray into politics.

“It’s not really an ambition for me,” McLean said, but “when the option arose that there is actually a real conservative option, I jumped at the chance to make it. part.

“I have pretty strong beliefs about the ineffectiveness of politicians and the game they seem to be playing.”

“The People’s Party of Canada is about individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect and fairness, and that’s really what it is.

“We want to have a government that takes care of the country by letting the provinces take care of themselves, and someone who really listens to what Canadians want.”

McLean explained that the top priority items for him are “putting in pipelines, fixing equalization issues, so it’s actually just for us, giving people choices, making government smaller and putting power back.” to the provinces so that the provinces can take care of its people.

If elected, the benefits for South Peace would be “to have an active MP who would go to Ottawa and make his points with the support of a federal party that can actually represent what people want,” explained McLean.

As for the division of votes in the constituency, McLean is not concerned.

“There is no way the Liberals will come back to power.

“It’s basically about holding our current government and our current opposition accountable by saying you know what, our people are fed up, and we’re actually going to vote on our principles instead of our fears.”

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