GOP 2022 frontrunner for US Senate gives up: who will Trump approve next? | Senate

Sean Parnell, considered the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R), has dropped out of the race following a court ruling against him in a custody battle.

Parnell, 40, who was the choice of former President Donald Trump, is leaving the race following allegations the Republican candidate was verbally and physically abusive towards his wife and children. Parnell’s wife Laurie Snell said under oath her husband physically pinned her down and called her a “whore” while they were married, according to the Philadelphia investigator.

Pennsylvania, a state that narrowly went to Donald Trump in 2016 and then narrowly to President Joe Biden in 2020, will arguably be the most watched Senate race in the country. Not only is the campaign expected to generate millions of dollars in campaign fundraising; it has the potential to determine control over the US Senate and ultimately influence the Biden agenda ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

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While many had rallied around Trump’s frontrunner Parnell, his departure calls into question who the former president intends to help push for the Republican nomination in order to face the eventual Democratic nominee.

No official poll has been taken since Parnell left the race, but Trump’s influence is far from over and his support will likely be sought by most candidates.

Former Ambassador to Denmark, Trump-appointed Carla Sands became CEO of Vintage Capital Group following the death of her husband, Fred Sands, in 2015. Sands is from Mechanicsburg who has spent time on Trump’s campaign in 2016 and was a major contributor to the campaign. .

A regular television commentator and conservative author, Kathy Barnette served in the Armed Forces Reserve for a decade and was an adjunct professor of corporate finance. Barnette is also a candidate for the first time.

Accustomed to statewide campaigns, Jeff Bartos was the 2018 Republican candidate for lieutenant governor along with gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner.

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