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This week, discover Vincenzo Spadafora is on live TV in Italy and an LGBT K-pop group debuts their song called “Show Me Your Pride” in South Korea.

Italian politician comes out on live TV

Vincenzo Spadafora, a prominent Italian politician, introduced himself as gay on prime-time television, claiming it was his job as a public figure.

Spadafora, 47, is a former Italian Minister for Youth, Politics and Sports and one of the most powerful members of the populist and anti-establishment Movimento 5 Stelle (MS5).

According to New roses, he appeared on Rai3’s late-night chat program Che Tempo Che Fa on November 7, a rare occurrence in a nation with few LGBT politicians.

Spadafora appeared on the show to promote his new book, “Unreserved”, which promises to tell about his experience “wholeheartedly, in politics and in life.”

“I think people’s privacy should stay that way, but I also think that those who have a public role, a political role like mine have more responsibilities,” said Spadafora.

LGBT K-Pop group releases ‘Pride’ video

Lionesses. Image via YouTube.

With their colorful debut music video, a group claiming to be the “first openly LGBT + K-pop boy group” made their debut in South Korea.

Despite the fact that the LGBT presence in South Korea is growing, there are still only a few prominent musicians who are openly gay, such as rapper Aquinas, trotting singer Kwon Do Woon, K-pop sensation Holland and the girl group trans Lady.

According to New roses, Lionesses, a new group of four musicians, want to change that by speaking openly about their sexuality, starting with their first single, “Show Me Your Pride”.

The happy song explores the hardships of being LGBT in South Korea, including bigotry, hostility, and loneliness before discovering your tribe.

“When every LGBT + person fights against the world, we can be strong. Our music carries the message: “When we fight, we will be your group. Together with the group, we can overcome, ”said group leader Bae Dam-jun.

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